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'I'm Obsessed With Surface Cleaners, and Here Are the Best Ones I've Ever Tried'

There's no room for germs in my life.

Photography: (L to R) Kurin, Instagram/hellomessybessy

Ira Nopuente, Beauty Editor of, shares her thoughts on the most effective cleaners she has tried thus far.

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Ask my friends, teammates, and family, and they'll all assure you that I'm not the neatest person in the world. It's not that I thrive in messy surroundings, I'm just the type to tolerate seeing clutter.

My bedroom is no exception. I am happy when I own the nicest clothes, shoes, and beauty products. Growing up, I did not possess many material things so it's a side of me that finds it rewarding if I shop for anything that's considered trending. But now that I'm mostly at home, I started to feel suffocated by my room that was filled with so much stuff. I listened to minimalism podcasts at the beginning of quarantine, and then I started letting go of things that don't serve me anymore.

Around July, I found myself feeling excited whenever I was in the home section of the department store. I was delighted to purchase beddings and blackout curtains. My Shopee and Lazada shopping carts always included trolleys, duvets, beddings.


Aside from getting busy with sprucing up my space, I rearranged the furniture in my bedroom! Me, a human being who did not have absolute energy to think about home improvement accomplished this feat. The current layout in my room allowed for better air circulation, plus there was less clutter. I always wake up in a good mood. I was beginning to embrace the concept of tidying up as a form of self-care. I even took leaves to deep-clean my room!

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As my journey to self-care progressed, I became so obsessed with surface cleaners and disinfecting sprays! I found it therapeutic to wipe away stuck dirt on top of my drawers and my Lola's 20-year-old cabinet. I now have one bottle in every of my room—I'm not kidding! Here are my current favorites:

Kurin Water All-Purpose Cleaner

At the Cosmo Community, there was a hot thread that discussed how much they love this all-purpose cleaner that does it all. It can remove furniture stains, buildup on all types of surfaces, and tarnish on jewelry. I bought a huge bottle of this in July, and I'm down to less than half of it. 15/10 I would recommend every household to have this all-purpose cleaner.


Kurin All-Purpose Cleaner, P249/500ml, Kurin

Best Surface Cleaners: Kurin Water

Messy Bessy Minty Orange Surface Cleaner

I first encountered this product at a yoga studio. I was initially interested because of its fragrance. I'm a big fan of citrus scents, especially in cleaning aids! I remember asking the maintenance lady what product she uses to clean the mats and the room. She showed me the bottle, and I immediately took a pic. The rest, as they say, is history.


Messy Bessy Minty Orange Surface Cleaner, P295/500ml, BeautyMNL

Best Surface Cleaners: Messy Bessy Minty Orange Surface Cleaner Instagram/hellomessybessy

Ellana F*Off Germs Sanitize Everything Alcohol Spray Duo

Now that we have to be extra careful, sanitizing everything is a must! This alcohol spray is always in my bag at all times. I use this to spray on shopping carts, door handles, and on a product before I get it from the grocery shelf.


Ellana F*Off Germs Sanitize Everything Alcohol Spray Duo, P240/120ml x 2, Ellana Cosmetics

Best Surface Cleaners: Ellana FOff Germs Sanitize Everything Alcohol Spray Duo

Clorox Clean-up Cleaner Spray

This elusive disinfectant is in-demand because it guarantees to clean 99.9 percent of viruses and bacteria, During a pandemic, this spray is considered to be as valuable as gold.

Clorox Clean-up Cleaner Spray, P205/946ml, supermarkets


Best Surface Cleaners: Clorox Spray

Penshoppe Antibacterial Disinfectant Fabric Spray in Fresh Fruity

When I'm out, I have this bottle with me aside from hand sanitizer and alcohol. I use this on my clothes, bags, shopping totes, and car seats to quickly disinfect them. I love the scent too—it reminds me of a perfume I was obsessed with when I was younger.


Penshoppe Antibacterial Disinfectant Fabric Spray in Fresh Fruity, P79/100ml, Penshoppe

Best Surface Cleaners: Penshoppe Antibacterial Fabric Spray

Ambi Pur Fabric Refresher and Antibac Spray Extra Strength Fabric Freshener

I spritz this on the couch, bed, even the tablecloth and curtains. It smells good, and it assures me that these frequently habited areas are clean in between washes.


Ambi Pur Fabric Refresher and Antibac Spray Extra Strength Fabric Freshener, P249/370ml; supermarkets

Best Surface Cleaners: Ambi Pure


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