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Clean These Places to Avoid Inviting Tiny Ipis Into Your Condo

Are these tiny critters giving you problems?

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Probably one of the most annoying things condo-dwellers have to deal with are small roaches that seem to come out of nowhere. Known as German Cockroaches or "kitchen cockroaches", these tiny bugs easily transfer from unit to unit through connected drainages, enjoy dark, warm spaces, and survive on food bits and left-overs. While you’ve probably already tried the usual natural and/or chemical baits and sprays, these only go so far—you’ll need to augment your efforts with finding out what exactly is inviting them over. Here are a few spots you’d want to regularly clean to keep them out.


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Your kitchen sink

Make sure to wash your sink with soapy water before turning in for the night. Oils and grime usually accumulate near the drain after a day’s use, and you’ll want to get rid of that as it can be food for roaches. Diluted cleaners such as Pine Sol also work wonders, plus the sharp smell will also keep bugs away. Just make sure to wear gloves when cleaning up with strong chemicals!

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Your grease trap

Cleaning the grease trap beneath your sink should be done every three months by a professional. If left unmaintained, unwanted odors may waft up the drain and invite pests. Worse, roaches may already be under your sink, enjoying the months-old oil and food particles in the trap.

The space beneath your microwave oven and oven toasters

It’s a given that you should regularly clean your microwave oven and oven toasters, but you may be forgetting the tiny gap beneath it. Small roaches tend to hide in these areas, so best wipe them regularly. You may also want to sprinkle a bit of cinnamon powder to keep bugs away.

Your cupboard

...Or to be more exact, the plates in your cupboard. Are you sure that they’ve been washed well? Traces of grease can instantly attract roaches. Make sure to move your kitchenware and utensils often to keep them fresh and aired out.



How to Clean, Disinfect Your Floor to Keep Germs Out of Your Home

5 Mistakes You Might Be Making When Cleaning With Bleach

Your medicine cabinet

If you’ve got a medicine cabinet in your bathroom which doubles as your “chuck-everything-in-it” space, try to review what’s in it monthly and throw out anything that you don’t anymore need, such as old toothbrushes, squeezed-out toilet tubes, and expired ointments, among others. Tiny ipis hide in clutter, so lessen spaces where they can do so.

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