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8 Simple Tips to Keep Cool Without Using Your Air Conditioner

These can hopefully help lower your electricity bill.

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The country experiences scorching heat nearly all year round, making it essential to find ways to keep cool to avoid discomfort and heat stroke. The easiest way to stay cool is, of course, to use your air conditioner. The downside of using the air conditioner frequently, however, is that it will lead to a drastic increase in your electric bills. To help you keep cool in an economical way, we’ve come up with a few tips that you can use every day. 

1. Position a bowl of ice or cold water in front of an electric fan 

Putting ice or cold water in front of the electric fan will let the cold air spread across the room. 

2. Ensure that your ceiling fan is rotating counter-clockwise 

The ceiling fan can either warm or cool a room, depending on the rotation of the blades. If you want to cool your room, make sure that the blades are spinning in a counter-clockwise motion to create a cool breeze. 


3. Turn on your exhaust fan 

Your exhaust fan sucks up the hot air, whether it be from a hot shower or cooking a meal. Turning this device on is crucial to ensuring that the bathroom or kitchen stays cool. 

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4. Keep your curtains closed during the day 

Up to 30% of unwanted heat in a room is actually due to windows. This is because the sunlight streams through the windows, turning your home into a greenhouse which is why closing your curtains helps significantly cool your room. To minimize heat gain, we recommend using curtains with neutral colors and white plastic backings. 

5. Open your windows and doors at night

With the sun gone, the cool night air will keep you relaxed and comfortable. Opening your windows will also disperse the hot air from the kitchen. 

6. Invest in cooling pillows, sheets, and mattresses

A buckwheat pillow won’t retain your body heat like other pillows, due to the natural air space between them. As for sheets, it is recommended to use cotton since it is more breathable than other cloth. Mattresses with breathable foam cores and moisture-wicking covers among other variations can also help keep you cool at night. 


7. Sleep low 

Another tip to keep cool at night is to sleep low, which means to sleep near the floor or on the first floor of your house. Why? It’s because of the fact that hot air goes up and cool air stays down. 

8. Replace your incandescent lights with LEDs 

Light bulbs emit heat, which increases the temperature of your home. LEDs, however, keep cool and are more energy-efficient, which lets you also save on electricity bills. 

Another helpful tip is to turn off your lights during the day. Apart from keeping your house cool, it also minimizes the amount of electricity used.

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