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8 Kitchen Habits that Make Clean Up a Lot Easier

You can stop dreading the cooking aftermath now.


Cooking or baking can be extremely fun, but we can't say the same thing about cleaning up. Washing the dishes and cleaning the kitchen is not a chore everyone loves. Sometimes, you'd rather not cook at all just because you're imagining how dirty your kitchen is going to be. Well, we've got some tips for you to make kitchen cleaning a little less traumatic. These kitchen habits will make for a cleaner kitchen.

Photo by Michael Angelo Chua


1 Clean as you go.

This means that you don't accumulate a mess until you finish cooking. Rather, as soon as a spill happens or when you make a mess, you immediately clean it up. This is especially important about spills. When anything spills, whether it's oil, water, milk, flour, or what-not, it can lead to disaster if not handled promptly. You can either spread the mess or worse, slip on it, making the whole kitchen a slippery disaster just waiting to happen.

2 Have cleaning tools ready for handling spills.

To help you clean as you go, have a nearby mop, rag, and a trash can. These will help you handle spills and disinfect in a jiffy.

You should have enough kitchen towels for drying up and rags to mop up spills. Photo by Pexels


3 Have rags and towels handy.

You need several designated towels and rags: use rags for wiping the table, countertops, and for general cleaning and towels for wiping your hands and drying the dishes. Don't want too many towels? Use paper towels which can be disposed of right after using.

4 Work over a designated bowl for food scraps.

If you're cracking eggs, you need to put down those eggshells into a bowl designated for your food scraps. This is way better than placing those slimy shells directly on your work surface. This bowl will also collect any vegetable peels and other excess kitchen cuttings and make it easier to throw it all away afterward.

5 Have a plate or bowl for putting down cooking utensils.

You don't want to make a mess by placing your cooking utensils directly on your countertop or keep washing your utensils repeatedly, especially if they're used for the same thing anyway. Instead, have a designated plate or bowl for these utensils which will keep them from getting contaminated and will also help you keep track of where they are.


Photo courtesy of Pixabay

6 Keep your sink organized.

Nothing is more intimidating and discouraging as a messy sink. Try to partition your sink by keeping the utensils all together in one bowl and the used bowls together, and then constantly rearrange them to fit before washing up. You can wash up whenever there's a period of waiting just so you're not stuck with a mountain of dirty dishes when you finish cooking.


7 Catch dry ingredient spills with parchment paper.

When measuring flour and other dry ingredients, your counter can get messy with little spills. (Nobody is perfect, right?) Line your area with parchment paper which you can use as a makeshift funnel to quickly transfer spilled bits into a measuring cup or another container.

Use one chopping board to cut up meats and another to chop fruits and vegetables to prevent cross-contamination. Photo by Pixabay


8 Don't let your cutting boards slip.

When cutting boards slip, all the food on it spills and makes a mess. You can even cut yourself! Prevent this from happening by making sure your cutting board stays where it is with either a moist towel or an anti-slip mat cut to size. Place this under the cutting board so you can avoid a mess or worse, an accident.

When you follow these tips and keep your kitchen clean and organized while you're cooking, you have less of a kitchen mess to dread afterward. When you're done with the cooking, you'll have fewer clean-up duties, too. Sure, you still have to finish up, but it won't feel like a heaping mountain of work. Make these cleaning tips a habit, and cleaning the kitchen won't be so daunting anymore.


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