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How to Clean a Window-Type Air Conditioner Effectively

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The Philippines is notorious for its hot and humid weather, specifically, its even hotter summers. Most days the only way to combat the heat is by turning on the trusty AC. If you have a window-type unit, it might need to work a little harder. Even the best air conditioners can fail during some of the hottest afternoons.

To ensure your air conditioners can always be trusted to keep you cool on blistering summer days, regular cleaning and maintenance are a must. Whether you hire a professional or decide to DIY, knowing how to clean a window-type air conditioner comes in handy.


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How to clean a window-type air conditioner efficiently:

window-type ac unit in bedrooms must be cleaned regularly

Clean the filter regularly.

It’s always advisable to clean your air conditioners’ filters every 4 weeks. If you use your unit daily, you can raise that cleaning schedule to every two weeks. Either way, keeping the filter clean ensures your unit is getting enough air circulation for it to operate well.


How to clean a window-type air conditioner filter? It’s simple. Just lift the front panel, remove the filter, and run it under warm water. All the dust and accumulated mildew should wash right off. Then pat it dry with a paper towel.

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For added measure, you can spritz a mixture of hydrogen peroxide and water to disinfect any possible mildew remains. You can also use this mixture to clean all the other areas under the front panel. Just spray the mixture in the vent and onto the condenser fins and set it to dry.

Deep clean the interior.

The best way to clean a window-type air conditioner is to get into the interiors and this should be done every eight to twelve months. Getting a professional is advisable, but if you’re willing to do a lot of heavy lifting, it’s not hard to do it on your own.

First, remove the unit from its location and place it in an area where it can be washed with a hose. Remove the front panel and scrub that with warm water and oxygenated cleaner. Next, carefully remove the exterior cover and hose down the dust and dirt that’s accumulated outside and inside. Use soapy water to clean all the interior parts.

Scrubbing may be necessary to clean the vents and fan. Just be sure to be careful of the wires and condenser. Then drain and let dry before assembling and returning.

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Keep your unit dry.

You can keep a window-type air conditioner clean by preventing it from accumulating dirt. The best way is to keep it dry. Given that air conditioner units are positioned with most of the body exposed to the outdoors, it can’t be prevented from getting rained on. Even so, we must ensure it should be able to dry off after.

A position where it can reach direct sunlight is the best to keep it from accumulating too much moisture. Thorough drying should also be done after regular cleaning. Keeping moisture trapped in air conditioners can cause it to build up mildew and mold.

If mold starts to develop, especially in the vent or fan area, you risk exposing yourself and your household to mold spores which may cause troubled breathing or other worse illnesses. Make sure to always keep your unit dry.


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Straighten out the condenser fins.

Now that you know the simple ways how to clean a window-type air conditioner, here’s a tip on how to keep it working at its best. Beneath the front panel and filter, you’ll find the condenser fins of your unit. In time, those fins can bend due to different reasons. To help improve airflow in your air conditioner, you can straighten out the fins by using a coil fin tool.

Be sure to wear gloves while doing this because condenser fins can be sharp. Carefully use the coil fin tool to comb and straighten out any bent fins. You can also clean them in the process by using some oxygenated cleaner. Once done, replace the filter and panel and test your air conditioner for improvements in air circulation.

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