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5 Cleaning Hacks That Don’t Work

Heat and hot water can't kill the bacteria lurking in your home

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Who doesn’t enjoying trying out different hacks to make chores easier? The promise of finishing tasks faster is so tempting that many of us are always eager to try a new trick or experiment with tips we discover online, after all, there’s no harm in trying. While some do work and get the job done, there are a few that leave us with a bigger problem to solve. Take note of these hacks that don’t work and a few reminders that will surely come in handy when you clean your home.

1. Pouring extra detergent and cleaning agents can help you achieve cleaner clothes and floors.

Sorry to break it to you, but using more of the product may not produce the results you’re expecting. Think of it this way, when you use more soap and other cleaners, the harder it will be to rinse and remove its residue. Unfortunately, leftover residue may cause dirt to stick to the clothes or the surface you’re cleaning. Keep this from happening by choosing the best product in the market or the item you’ve always trusted. Read and follow the instructions well—especially the recommended amount of product as doing so can help you save on cash, too.

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2. Hot water can kill germs.

After prepping food on your countertop, do you often clean it with a washcloth and hot water? Hot water can kill some bacteria, only if it’s at 212 degrees Fahrenheit and provided that you let the water sit on the surface for several minutes. To clean surfaces, it’s best to turn to tried-and-tested products like chlorine bleach and other multipurpose cleaners.


3. Sanitizing sponges in the microwave.

We can all depend on heat to get a few things done, but cleansing dirty kitchen sponges in the microwave should not be part of your hacks-to-try list. Yes, high heat can kill some bacteria, but the time needed to reach the temperature that can kill the bacteria in your sponge may only leave you with a burnt item that you can no longer use. According to new studies, even after the process, 40% of the bacteria is still left in the sponge. Keep your family safe by replacing the sponge regularly or using microfiber cloths you can easily wash after use.


4. Using carbonated sodas as toilet cleaners.

How many times have you seen the viral video that shows how carbonated sodas can be used as toilet cleaners? We’re sure you’ve seen it a couple of times. While the idea sounds interesting and shocking to some, those drinks cannot replace your trusty toilet cleaner. Most sodas have small quantities of citric and phosphoric acids that can help remove stains but a liter of soda can leave a sticky residue that can only fuel the growth of bacteria.


5. Coating your cooktop with car wax to make cleaning easier.

Some believe that coating the cooktop with car wax will make it easier to wipe away grease and food stains, but did you know that it can cause a fire? Prevent fires and bigger problems by wiping stains as soon as you see them. Make it a habit to clean the cooktop after cooking to keep stains from sticking to the surface.

Source: The Spruce

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