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5 Clutter-Prone Spots at Home and How to Organize Them

Stay organized with the right storage containers and a couple of handy tips

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Even if we regularly declutter our spaces, clutter still finds its way back into our homes. Truth be told, our storage centers are clutter-prone, too. How many times have you opened a drawer or a cabinet only to be greeted by misplaced knickknacks taking up space? To stay organized, it’s not enough that you invest in pretty bins and sleek containers. Let these tips and must-dos help you keep clutter at bay:

1. Drawers

We’re all guilty of keeping loose change, bills, and old receipts inside drawers. Most of the time, they end up full of junk we’ve completely forgotten about. To organize our drawers, we often make the mistake of buying multi-compartment organizers. Although these seem practical, it’s not the best choice. You may want to consider getting individual drawer inserts that are available in home stores. 

Get the exact-sized container for the stuff it will be housing—long ones for pens, smaller ones for paper clips, and so forth. It also allows you to precisely measure the number of inserts that can fit in your drawer (maximizing the space) and you can move them around whenever you need to. Not to mention, you can reuse them in another drawer.

2. Cabinets

When we’re busy, we just stack our linens, throw in bags of toilet paper, and leave bottles of cleaners inside cabinets. To avoid contamination, make use of baskets to keep everything in their right place. Choose plastic baskets to avoid the buildup of moisture.

It’s also inside cabinets where we keep reusable bags, paper bags, plastic bags we have in stock. Keeping a file organizer can help you keep these essentials in place. 

3. Kitchen

Trays are one of the best storage solutions because they’re so versatile. You can use them in your home office, in the bedroom, and in the bathroom. If you’re organizing the kitchen, you can use trays for organizing things like ingredient packets, spice jars, and snack bags inside the cupboard or a pantry. 


You can use trays when organizing the fridge as well. The best trays to get are clear ones to maintain the sleek and neat look of your ref.

Speaking of organizing the fridge, we often dread dealing with the door shelves. From bottles and bags to leftover food and snacks, the door shelves hold a lot of items. The trick to organizing these spots involves getting squeeze bottles. Purchase bottles in the same size to make it easier for you to fit them into the shelves. Since you no longer have those big bottles, you have more storage space to accommodate other essentials.

To organize those scattered reusable food containers, rally them all up in bins. You can get a smaller one for lids and larger ones for the tubs. 

Find kitchen essentials at Habitat.

4. Bathroom

Don’t you find it annoying when your bottles of shampoo and conditioner topple over in your shower rack? It’s an eyesore and a nuisance. To battle this, get reusable bottles with wider bottoms to transfer your products in. Not only will your shower essentials stand neatly, it can also add to the refreshing feel of your T&B.

Speaking of toppling over, this also often happens to most toothbrush holders and the toothpaste tubes. So for any product that doesn’t stand well on their own, it’s better to keep them organized in drawer inserts rather than jars.

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5. Closets

Keeping shirts, dresses, and other clothes in one place can be challenging. No matter how neatly you fold everything, you will always end up with a messy pile. The better way to store clothes is in a drawer and not on a shelf. Try following the Konmari method of keeping clothes. If that seems too difficult, you can make it easier by buying bins or drawer inserts.


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