Alex Medalla

Alex Medalla is the Design Principal of ARkinamix - a collaboration of three passionate minds in the practice of Architecture in Cebu City - Alexius B. Medalla, Janet Go Medalla, and Ryan Denver C. Rasines. 

ARkinamix has its beginnings in the year 1997 when Alex Medalla, with spouse, Janet Medalla returned home to Cebu City, Philippines, after 12 years of experience with, influence by, and mentorship under various architectural practices in Manila and Hong Kong. The years of mentorship under prolific Hong Kong architects, two of which are Rocco Yim of Rocco Design Architects and T.C. Yuen of Ma Leung & Associates, established in Alex a conviction for excellence and integrity in Architecture especially in its most significant form, design.

medallaaj Architects Design Consultancy Services was then established and registered in 2003. In the same year, the firm was recognized for its design excellence when it won the nationwide Cebu Megadome Design Competition sponsored by the Cebu Provincial Government.

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