Richelle Rhea R. Baria

Richelle is an Assistant Professor 1 at the College of Architecture, University of the Philippines-Diliman. She believes that Architecture is the fulfillment of man’s desire to better his way of life and his environment. From his home, to the most complex of buildings, it is the constant manipulation of spaces that bring about sustaining values at home, efficiency of work, interaction of people, growth of businesses, and all other motivations of its users, clients and patrons. These spaces are defined and supported by the intelligent use of materials and technology and sound structures that not only perform its intrinsic functions but also manifest careful consideration of the context, climate and environment. Architecture is inspired functional spaces.

Richelle's design aesthetic is a gamut of different style inspirations and evolves through time. One moment, she's fascinated by the intricacies and detail of Rococo and Baroque Architecture and Chinese Art, and the next the timeless beautiful lines of Classical Styles. Right now, she has a passion for the Filipino- Asian Contemporary Design, the graphical fun style of Art Deco, and the fluidity and disarray of Post Modern Deconstruction. Even with a variety of design influences, Richelle takes great effort in prioritizing needs and preferences of the client because she believes that they too have an understanding of what is beautiful and useful to them. They are the end users that will live and work in the spaces, thus the ones benefiting most from them. Continued partnership and collaboration with the client is indeed vital in the success of projects.  

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