4 Ways a High-Tech Home Can Make Your Life Safer and Easier

The home of the future is already here.

4 Ways a High-Tech Home Can Make Your Life Safer and Easier

High-tech convenience used to be just about pressing a whole lot of buttons. Now, having a high-tech home means voice-command gadgets, remote-monitoring, keyless locks, and staying connected with loved ones 24/7.

At Globe At Home’s event last December 8, 2018, a real-life high-tech home was featured to show that this type of residence isn’t just for the future, it’s one you can have—right now. 

1. Security

The latest in home security needs neither key nor person to secure the door. Using fingerprints or a security code, the E-Doorlock solves the problem of being locked out when you’ve forgotten your keys. It also keeps intruders from breaking in by automatically sending you images and alerts if there is any activity in your home while you’re away. You’ll have peace of mind knowing that your home is secured.

2. Convenience

Want to turn on the television ,air-conditioner, and air purifier without getting up from bed? Alexa and Amazon Echo are your virtual assistants, ready to help you through voice commands. You can even get your floors cleaned by the Wi-Fi-controlled Robot Vacuum, which you can watch online in real-time.

3. Entertainment

Entertainment and relaxation go hand-in-hand as your favorite shows and movies can be seamlessly streamed to your TV via Globe Streamwatch Roku Powered. It comes with Globe’s new Entertainment Home Bundle, with a free one-year subscription to Netflix, Fox+, and DisneyLife.

4. Connectivity

Be connected with loved ones whether you’re in the next room or a continent away through TP Link Deco M5—a Wi-Fi extender, virus blocker, and online activity monitor. It sends you reports on who’s been online, which sites they’ve visited, and the exact times they’ve gone online. You can also set the time users can log into the Internet. You also have the Panic Button, a device that sends an alarm if anyone in the household needs immediate attention or help—perfect for monitoring elderly or sick loved ones.

Globe At Home provides reliable internet that support these latest devices to build an intelligent digital home, powered by fast fiber internet. Aside from the Entertainment Bundle, you can also get the Security Bundle that comes with three TP-Link routers to help you manage your household’s Internet use.

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