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Your Weekend Cleaning Guide

Be productive and follow this checklist!

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To start the year right, many of us cleaned the entire home to get rid of dirt, dust, and clutter. Given the busy days and parties leading to the New Year, I’m sure that there are also some who weren’t able to accomplish this task.

There’s no need to worry as you can still catch up on your cleaning must-dos! Interior designer Anla Li-Tan shares this list of different tasks that can help you achieve a spotless and welcoming home:

Living Room

The living area serves as a family bonding space, entertainment area, and a special place where we can welcome friends and relatives. To be able to organize the space, Anla suggests these tips:

  • Declutter the area by reviewing your magazine collection. Consider donating some of the issues that you no longer read or use. Keep your favorite books and magazines on the table.
  • Edit your decor pieces and limit the number of items on display.
  • Remove unnecessary items in the living area. You won't be able to fully relax in a cramped and messy space.
  • Wash window screens, throw pillows, slip covers, carpets, and rugs. Don't forget to check and research on the best way to wash and clean your soft furnishings. Some may require dry cleaning.
  • Dust the lighting fixtures, appliances, and shelves.
  • Vacuum under the sofas, tables, and other unmoved furniture pieces.

Photo by Dairy Darilag.

Dining Area

The weekend is the best time to enjoy a meal with the whole family. Make sure that the dining table is free from boxes, paper, and dirt. 

  • Check the condition of dining chairs, glass tops, and table. Be on the lookout for cracks, tears, and scratches. Have the damaged items as soon as possible to prolong the life of your precious pieces.
  • Get rid of unnecessary items on the table. Do you still have the round fruits from Media Noche? Check the condition of the fruits and don't forget to refrigerate those that can still be consumed.

Photo by Dairy Darilag.


Depending on your routine, you can begin your productive weekend by organizing the bedroom. Ensure a restful sleep with these tricks:

  • Move the bed and other movable furniture pieces and vacuum the space underneath.
  • Replace and wash the bed sheets, pillow cases, and curtains.
  • If you still have time to spare, you can also check your cabinets and drawers. Fix and neatly fold your clothes. You can also separate items that you can give away or those that torn and must be discarded. Consider grouping your clothes according to color and type.

Photo by Marc Jao.


The kitchen is one of the areas at home that's prone to molds, dirt, and pests. Avoid bigger problems in the future with these tips:

  • Check the cabinets and discard items and ingredients that are past the expiry date.
  • Clean the insides of the cabinets and check for pest.
  • Clean and organize the space under the sink. Make sure that there are no leaks.
  • Scrub and clean the countertop thoroughly. Take note that there are different ways to clean different countertops. Do your research first before proceeding.
  • Don't forget to clean all the pans, utensils, and the appliances.
  • Label all condiments and ingredients properly and make sure you store them in the right containers and nooks.

Photo by Marc Jao.


The wettest area at home need not be the dirtiest. Accomplish these simple tasks for clean and nice smelling bath:

  • Check if there are leaks and deal with problems as soon as possible.
  • Throw away or recycle empty bottles.
  • Keep the counter clean by grouping your toiletries and placing them in a tray.
  • Scrub the sink, drain, faucets, and tiles to remove molds.

RL Tip: You can also have the tiles regrouted for maintenance.

Outdoor Area

Whether you have a garden or balcony, these tips can help you maintain a cozy nook where you can spend some alone time:

  • Clean the balcony floor and railings as the area is exposed to harsh weather conditions. Check for rust and molds and apply the needed maintenance.
  • Apply grouting for the floortiles and check the exterior walls for waterproofing and repainting needs.

You can schedule all of these tasks on different days to make sure that you don't miss a spot or corner!

For your design concerns and inquiries, you can get in touch with interior designer Anla Li-Tan. Click here to see her projects and contact details.

Photo by Paolo Feliciano.

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