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Three Condo Units with Three Design Styles in Quezon City (Part 1)

A casual but modern home for a married couple, a hip and urban space for a thirty-year-old professional, and an artsy and bohemian bachelorette pad in Magnolia Residences

Photography: Ocs Alvarez

To celebrate its eleventh anniversary, Real Living Magazine presented Real Living Space: The Ultimate Shopping and Design Showhouse.

Held from October 24 to 26 at Magnolia Residences in New Manila, Quezon City, RL Space was an opportunity for readers to walk through spaces designed by Hannah Acab-Faustino, Kristine Neri-Magturo, Wilmer Lopez, John Vigilia, Vera Villarosa, Ayet San Jose, Kimi Manuel, Ysa Villar and Mark San Diego of Edition Lifestyle, and Charlene Carlos and Leona Panutat of L’Indochine.

In case you missed this event or you would simply like to see the units again, here are photos of the units styled by Hannah Acab-Faustino, Kristine Neri-Magturo, Ysa Villar and Mark San Diego of Edition Lifestyle, and Charlene Carlos and Leona Panutat of L’Indochine.

A Timeless, Contemporary Space

To help our esteemed design team create real world spaces, Real Living has given each of them a special client profile, similar to what they would receive when they first meet with a potential client.

This unit was envisioned to belong to a married couple in their thirties with a laidback lifestyle. They opt to stay at home in the evenings to cook, read, and watch TV. They describe their style as "casual, but modern."

Interior designer Hannah Acab-Faustino came up with a "timeless but age-appropriate" design in the living spaces. "I initially toyed with the idea of putting splashes of color in the interiors, and ended up with the idea of using the rich and colorful tones of a peacock. Interestingly, after that, I was able to chance upon an actual painting of one," she says.

The couple’s condo unit is filled with pieces that make it homey and welcoming. The gray sofa by the window seems to invite you to sit down and put your feet up. To make the piece even more interesting, it is covered with printed pillows.

A corner of the living room looks vibrant because of the orange accent chair. The wall behind it is spruced up with affordable wall art. 

Wall art, Robinsons Department Store

Since Hannah wanted to use peacock colors in the unit, it was only fitting that she would decorate the space with a peacock artwork.

“Inspired by [a peacock’s] color, texture, and its diversity, I selected colors derived from it, as well as elements that are mixed, but still ties the idea into one cohesive concept. This can be seen in the play of old, contemporary, modern furniture and accessories, as well as varying textures and colors of the interior,” explains Hannah.

In furnishing your own home, you can also choose neutral shades complemented by bright hues.

The round dining table is perfect for a romantic dinner for two or a simple get-together with a few friends. 

The dining table is livened up with an exotic mix of dinnerware and decor. Create a similar table setting by mixing and matching plates from your collection. Use pieces that have similar colors for a more uniform look.

There are a lot of colors and patterns in the bedroom, but they are not over-the-top. A predominantly light color palette is paired with the dark wooden night table and bed frame for a more updated look. 

” Since they love to travel, I got the idea of marrying water and nature colors to the interior,” says Hannah.

Bed frame, Mandaue Foam

“The space is gender-neutral, and is given a punch through the use of sharp patterns and the use of the contrasting black and white colors,” the designer explains. 

Town & Country beddings, Robinsons Department Store

Throw Pillows, Cave

Nesting table, L'Indochine

Global meets Rustic-industrial

This unit is for a career woman in her late thirties. She describes her style as "hip and urban.”
She loves going to exhibits; collects a few art small pieces, and uses New York as an inspiration.

With this in mind, Kristine made the unit hip and urban. The designer threw a mix of different materials, such as leather, wood, and metal, can be seen in the unit, thus bringing out a variety of textures.

Flair and functionality are also balanced all throughout the space. A big storage chest by the window keeps clutter at bay while also functioning as table and décor. 

Kristine also refrained from using cookie-cutter pieces for the unit. “I made sure that the interior had a good mix of items that are not generic and mass-produced. Hence, there are more bespoke pieces and items that may have been picked from traveling around the world,” she says. 

“I had to bring out the ambiance of a space owned by a seasoned traveler by carefully accessorizing the unit with well-curated pieces,” explains Kristine.

The living room is furnished with rustic pieces that have a worn and weathered feel. The distressed style lends a rich, exotic feel to the space. For a similar look, use pieces made from wood, leather, and metal in your own home. 

Coffee Table/Chest, Urban Abode

Shelves made of metal and wood are used to store books and accessories. These pieces can easily moved around when redecorating.

Choose unlikely decor, such as this wooden crate-inspired piece mounted on the wall.

A metal deer head hangs above an aquarium from ADA Nature Aquarium Philippines. In choosing an aquarium for your own space, choose one that is well-lit and is the right fit for your space.

Aquarium, ADA Nature Aquarium Philippines

For limited areas, opt for smaller, streamlined pieces that would not take up too much space.

Sofa, Urban Abode

In the bedroom, Kristine used a neutral color scheme -- warm wood tones are complemented by immaculate white pillows and sheets. 

Cowhide Pillow, Urban Abode

Barn Light, Urban Abode

Bedframe and Mattress, Tempur

To spruce up the bedroom wall, the surface is lined with metal oxheads. These unusual finds add to the eclectic feel of the space.

Modern and Edgy Space

This unit is for a single woman in her mid-twenties who describes herself as "feminine but quirky." She loves to travel, enjoys going to exhibits, and collects an eclectic assortment of books, travel souvenirs, art objects, and other ephemera. The living and dining areas were styled by Ysa Villar and Mark San Diego of Edition Lifestyle.

Designers Ysa Villar and Mark San Diego of Edition Lifestyle created a space for “a young female executive who appreciates art and modern design,” says Mark. “She prefers minimal design but her love for art is still evident in the subtle accents and decorative touches.”

The living and dining areas are bright and airy, thanks to the light color palette that the duo used. “We chose a lot of light colors, so that the room will look bigger and brighter,” explains Mark.

Blue and White Rug, Decoliving

“The carpet, print and geometric furniture, are the elements of art that blend together in neutral colors. Minimalist décor pieces make the room still look decorated without being too stuffy and cramped.” 

Geometric shapes seen in the console, chandelier, and planters on the wall make the unit look modern and edgy. 

The vertical garden on one wall adds an organic feel to the unit. “The client has started a green lifestyle and is able to grow a mini garden despite living in a condominium. The wall planters give a modern twist for indoor vertical gardens for condo living,” says Mark. 

Wall terrariums, Edition Lifestyle

Four black dining chairs surround a white table with geometric detail. To make the most of the small space, choose a black-and-white color palette. Since the color scheme can sometimes be bland and boring, it would be great to complement the furniture pieces with interesting decor.

White Dining Table, Edition Lifestyle

Boho and Colorful Bedroom

L’Indochine’s owners Leona Lavinia-Panutat and Charlene Panutat-Carlos brought the lifestyle store’s signature look into this bedroom. With a client who is “bohemian and artsy,” L’Indochine’s home accessories fit the personality of the unit owner. 

A daybed dressed up with colorful pillows makes for a casual sleeping space at night and a quirky sitting area during the day. White curtains let the sunlight stream in, allowing the room bask in a soft, warm glow. 

Trundle bed, Crossings Home

Because the owner works at home, Leona and Charlene created a work area in one corner of the bedroom. A slender chair is perfect for the nook because it doesn’t take up too much space. A patterned area rug adds warmth and texture to the space. 

Baskets, L'Indochine

A glass-topped table also fits right in, as it doesn’t appear heavy and imposing. 

Colorful artwork on the wall add a dose of personality to the bedroom. For your own home, you may group your family photos and favorite quotes together. To create a uniform look, choose the same type of picture frames.

Gold frames, Crossings Home

The exuberant bohemian vibe of L'Indochine's accessories accent the laidback pieces from Crossings Home and Robinsons Department Store. 


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