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The One Thing You Need To Do To Organize Your Home

It doesn't involve buying new organizers

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Have you ever wondered why you still have clutter at home despite the different bins and boxes that you have? Perhaps you've lost all hope after trying a few hacks and cleaning tricks, too. We were taught that matter occupies space and that two objects cannot occupy the same space at once. What if instead of bringing order to your home, you're just piling things up, transferring one piece to a new container, and creating an illusion that you're decluttering?

To help you take control over your living space and to bring order, there's one thing you can do—to purge without feelings. Let go of the items gathering dust in your cabinet and reduce the amount of things you're living and dealing with on a daily basis. Are you up to this task? Trust us, once you get the hang of it, purging can be easier. Let this five-step game plan help you get started:

1. Reserve a time for decluttering.

Don't let a busy calendar stop you from achieving your goals. The best way to make sure you get to declutter is the old-fashioned way—schedule it. It doesn’t matter if it’s an hour each day or an entire weekend, the important thing is to make time for this project and come prepared. Start with an area at home that's filled with items you've not seen for months or years—do you have a storage room? A home office? You can also keep it close by starting in your bedroom.

2. Look for things you can get rid of immediately.

Get a paper bag and fill it with items you've been dying to let go of but haven't found the energy to do so. Do you still have that vase that can still be used but doesn't match your home's aesthetic? How about a book that you've read and you'd want to pass on? Gather everything and once you've sorted it out, drop it off to a charity. Aside from making space in your home for new things, you also get to reach out to others in your own way. 

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3. Get rid of items without sentimental value.

We love to attach memories to things, that's just how we are wired. If you are currently purging, let go of items that you've had for years—things you no longer use, need, and those without a happy memory. You can even use this opportunity to throw out pieces that make you feel sad or lonely. Our homes and our minds are prime real estate—the only things that should reside there should be the ones that make us happy.

4. Say bye bye to unfinished projects.

Do you still have the cross-stitch kit you've had for months? How about a copy of the coloring book you've never opened? If you haven't found the time to working on these, when will you ever sit down to take a breather? A friend may want to start a new hobby or maybe your niece or cousin would like to de-stress with a coloring book. Find a new owner for these must-haves and see if they can continue the project for you.

5. Keep only the things that you still use.

We've said it before and we'll say it again—every inch of floor space counts in any home. Your essentials deserve a spot and there's no room for items that have no use. Let's admit it—in the corners of our cabinets and drawers, there are must-haves that we've completely forgotten about and it's only during general cleaning that we get to see it again. Breathe, let go, and fill the trash bin with unnecessary items.

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