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The Magic of the KonMari Method: Transform Your Home into a Place of Positivity

Just in time for 2016!


After weeks of reading Marie Kondo's best-selling book—The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, I've learned how to organize my belongings, identify which ones to keep and donate, as well as how to let go of things with sentimental value. It's a fulfilling journey, which I hope you get to enjoy in your homes, too! 

If you're currently working on the different spaces at home with the help of Kondo's tips, I'm sure that you're excited to know her take on how to turn the home into a place that exudes positivity. In the chapter that I have recently finished, Kondo’s belief that things have their own energy is evident. Having gone through the KonMari Method this far, I’ve become a believer, too. She shares the following tips that can guide you:

Main photos from: Make It From Your Heart and Kate La Vie.

Make the top shelf of the bookcase your personal shrine

I think it’s in every Filipino’s culture to adorn tables or empty spaces with things they like, from a vase of flowers to an actual shrine filled with crucifixes and santos. Kondo says that this becomes a “power spot filled with pure energy.” 

RL Tip: Display pieces that make you happy or make you feel good. Photos of your loved ones and souvenirs from your favorite trips deserve a special spot!

Photo from French by Design.

Decorate your closet with your secret delights

Kondo says that if you’re shy to display photos of your hobbies, your dream boards, or things that you like, you can put it inside your closet, creating a private space “that gives you a thrill of pleasure.” I laughed at this, because it brought me back to days where my closet doors were decorated with posters of celebrity crushes. After thinking about it, it didn’t sit well with me that I had to hide what I loved, especially hiding them in the closet like proverbial skeletons.

Photo from Make It From Your Heart.

Remove the noise of written information

Big readers, and those who love displaying inspirational quotes all over the house, would be saddened to know that Kondo believes that being around “the noise of written information,” meaning books or printed materials that don’t spark joy in you, will make a room feel noisy.

While I still refuse to par down my book collection, I did notice feeling irritated with the amount of quotes that didn’t apply to me anymore that surrounded our bedroom. I took those out, and kept one quote to read per room, as a focal point. Each room did indeed feel less cluttered.

Photo from Ultralinx.

Empty your bag every day

I used to practice this, keeping all my things in a box. The reason behind it was so that I could ensure that I cleaned my bag out of the junk every day, and that I could use a different bag daily.

Kondo’s reason is different, because she says that bags are used all day long, carrying a heavy weight all day, and “it would be cruel not to give it a break at least at home.” I get what she’s saying, but when I did this again, I felt anxious. I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to grab my things and go right away during an emergency. I was also irritated with the time I lost packing the same things everyday, sometimes in the same bag. It was just more practical. As a compromise, whenever I’d get home, my bag had a special place in my cabinet, well supported so that it won’t feel the weight of my things, and opened up to air it out.

Photo from Kate La Vie.

Unpack things and put them where they belong IMMEDIATELY

I’ve noticed that Kondo’s not a big fan of keeping spare items. She says, “If you consider the cost of storage, it is just as economical to keep these things in the store, not in your home. Moreover, if you buy and use them as you need them, they will be newer and in better condition. Buy only what you need, remove all items from their packages immediately, and put them away.” The reason behind my need to buy spare products is the cost to go to supermarkets or malls so frequently—parking fees, gas spent to get there, getting stuck in traffic, etc. It hasn’t been bothersome for me to store my spare items in the house.  

Kondo also noticed that clothes that still have their tags on, when put together with clothes that you already own, feel and look different. Her theory is because “clothes in a store are products, whereas clothes in the home are personal possessions. Clothes that still have their price tag on them not yet been made our own and therefore they don’t quite belong.” This hasn’t happened to me yet, but what I did notice was that the clothes I sent to the dry cleaners and kept in its original plastic covers seem more luxurious—perhaps it’s because more attention is giving to clothes sent to the dry cleaners than the rest of the labada.

Photo from My Home Ideas.

Show appreciation

The tips look like a lot of work, but it all boils down to one thing: appreciation. When you’re in doubt with how to store anything (and find it silly to “ask” the item on how it should be stored,) think about how to best take care of it. Like your accessories—you store your real jewelry differently compared to your fake ones, right? And you don’t store a branded bag like you would a knock-off, right? You take care of your possessions, and it will not only last longer, Kondo says it will “always respond in kind.”

Oh, and Kondo says that you shouldn’t forget to say, “thank you” to your things, and to your home. It not only makes your things and your home “feel” appreciated, but it makes you feel grateful for everything you already have, that in turn, making you feel happy and attracting more things to be grateful for. 

To catch up on the KonMari method articles, simply search for KonMari on our website! The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo is available in all leading bookstores.

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