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RL Tips: The Punch List for your First Home (Conclusion)

Check the bathroom and other elements


Now that you've checked the doors, the kitchen, and the habitable spaces -- it's time to make sure that the bathroom and other elements are in tip-top shape. 

What do you do after punch listing? 

Now that you have thoroughly inspected your home, it's time to discuss with your designer and/ or contractor as to who shall be responsible for the repairs to be done and how soon it will be addressed. 

Photographed by Ocs Alvarez (bathrooms) and Miguel Nacianceno (staircase).

The Toilet and Bath

Lights, light switches, dimmers

  • All light switches are working without flickering?
  • Are all switchplates installed and properly aligned?
  • Check for quality of light bulbs installed- do they have the same wattage?
  • Are all dimmers working properly

Electrical outlets

  • Are all electrical outlets working properly? (check with electric tester courtesy of your electrician)
  • Is there a stable current of 220v? (to avoid damage to appliances due to fluctuation of electricity)


  • Is it level?
  • Are the tiles hollow? (Check for hollow tiles by tapping on them either with the heel of your shoe or with a solid material such as a wooden rod or any similar material)
  • Are there any cracked or chipped tiles?
  • Are there gaps between the base and the wall; the base and the flooring?
  • Is it evenly grouted?
  • Has the grout been properly sealed?

Windows and screens

  • Do windows open and close easily?
  • Are the screens installed properly?
  • For sliding windows, are they sliding smoothly on their tracks?
  • Window locks and handles 


  • Alignment
  • Is the wall finish smooth?
  • Are there any cracks, smudges or stain?

Lavatory (sink) and faucet

  • Check for ample water supply
  • Check for leaks or dripping
  • Check for cracks in lavatory
  • If installed on a countertop, is it evenly sealed?
  • If applicable, do hot and cold water come out of their designated faucet?

Shower and faucets

  • Check for ample water supply
  • Check for leaks or dripping
  • If applicable, do hot and cold water come out of their designated faucet?

Shower Enclosure

  • For sliding doors, are they sliding smoothly on their tracks?
  • For swing doors, does the door swing away from the shower area?
  • Are handles securely installed?
  • Is there a rubber or silicon stopper to avoid accident when the door is closed with force?


  • Alignment
  • Are there cracks?
  • Are there stains?  (If yes, check for leaks)

Water closet (toilet) and fittings

  • Does it flush properly?

Toilet paper holder, soap holder

  • Are they installed securely?

Provision for floor drain

The Stairs


  • Check for any loose components
  • Check for quality of material
  • Stair rise (height of each step) must be a maximum of 20cm*
  • Stair run (dept of each step) must be a minimum of 25cm*

*prescribed by the National Building Code of the Philippines




  • Determine the type of aircon to be installed
  • Check for provision
  • Check provision for outlet
  • Check provision for drain


  • Any sign of leaks especially on the ceilings and walls

Emergency exits, fire sprinklers and alarms

  • Are emergency exits accessible, barrier-free and properly marked?
  • Can it be easily opened?
  • Is it secure?
  • Are there fire sprinklers and smoke detectors/ alarms?
  • Is there a fire extinguisher?

Paint Jobs

  • Is there any stain or discoloration?
  • Are there lumps or bubbles?

Geraldine Verga is a licensed interior designer specializing in residential projects. She was formerly a project consultant for a retail company and now a part of the faculty of the Philippine School of Interior Design teaching Professional Practice & Ethics and Business of Interior Design.


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