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RL Reader of the Week: Aileen Minoza

Our RL Reader of the Week shows us her 89sqm home and reveals what she loves best about Real Living

Photography: Aileen Minoza

Our RL Reader of the Week is Aileen Minoza. Aileen lives in an 89sqm unit in Cebu City with her sister Macy and their househelp Manang Mimi. Their 2-bedroom condo has modern, Scandinavian, and shabby chic touches. 

Since their family is based in Bukidnon, Mimi wanted to bring touches that could remind them of their hometown: wooden furniture, tree stumps, grass mats, and indoor plants.

When it comes to furnishing their own spaces, Aileen reminds other homeowners to take it slow. She shares that they shouldn't buy furniture and decor in one go. Instead of going on a "bahala na, pwede na 'to" shopping spree, she says you should choose things carefully.


Aileen received the keys to the condo in the middle of 2012. She explains that the unit came with the standard cream-colored walls and usual fittings. To personalize their space, they opted for a six-month renovation. 

The new look of their space includes the gray and white horizontal stripes in the foyer that create a dramatic feel.


The foyer is also furnished with a whitewashed ornate mirror hanging over a wooden end table. The table is adorned with the letter M, a ceramic deer, candles, and a single potted plant.


Even if the hallway that leads to the kitchen, dining, and living areas, is relatively limited in terms of space, it is still made interesting with indoor plants and wall art. 


A portion of the wall is adorned with a photo of Greece, an ampersand ("&") decor, and a potted plant.


Aileen also spruced up the plain surface with quirky cartoon prints. 

View from the Foyer

From the foyer, Aileen's family and friends can already see parts of the kitchen, dining, and living areas.


In a small space like this kitchen, it is important to keep everything spic-and-span. Remember: clutter can make a room seem even smaller than it really is. 

Dining Area

Since the kitchen is conveniently located next to the dining area, Aileen and her family can enjoy pan-to-plate meals. The dining area is furnished with modern pendant lights and a wooden dining set. 

Dining Area

In your own home, you can also try using different dining chairs for an unexpected look. In this space, Aileen used a reproduction Eames chair, a bench, and stools. To brighten up the area, she placed a large mirror on one of the walls.


Since the dining area is pretty bare, Aileen livened things up with a few well-selected decor.

A vibrant red windowsill decor topped with a succulent changes this plain white wall.

Potted plants

Aileen advises homeowners to choose more indoor plants and fresh flowers. She explains that these will help breathe life into any space.

Living Area

The living area is furnished with a gray sofa, a yellow accent chair, and a stool used as a coffee table. A plain black rug brings everything together nicely.

Living Area

Since most of the furniture pieces have neutral hues, the space needed to be spruced up with fresh flowers in different colors. No arrangement skills? Simply gather a few blooms of the same kind and place them in cute vases. 


Since the gray sofa has a modern shape and somber color, Aileen paired the seat with red and blue floral pillows.

Accent Chair

A rustic wooden chair serves as another seating option. Instead of a traditional side table, the seat is matched with wooden logs, another floral arrangement, and a potted plant.

Console Table

A closer look at the wall-mounted console table in the living area reveals the details of the wooden human figure and the red-and-white flowers. For a more modern look, you can cut the stems of the flowers short.


If you want to add more color to your bathroom but you can't replace the tiles and fixtures just yet, simply paint the existing cabinet.


You can also bring in pastel-hued pieces like a green table, a pink stool, and a blue floor mat.

Wooden Cabinet

Aileen's clothes and belongings are kept in a wooden chest of drawers leaning against a whitewashed wall. Just like most of the other cabinets and tables in the 89sqm unit, it is topped with charming prints.


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