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RL Picks: Top 12 Home Offices

Be inspired to create your own personal work corner with a list of our favorite home offices


A home office is a great addition to any beautiful home. Apart from serving as a work area for the adults, it can also be a study area for the children. This functional corner can help anyone be more focused, efficient, and productive in the comfort of their own personal space.

Here are 12 home offices that will motivate you to start your own.

Sophie's Mom Owner Tonette Rosal's Family Home

After a typhoon damaged their family home and caused their roof to leak, Tonette Rosal took it as a sign to renovate the house. Tonette's home office is awash in a calming shade of bluish gray. To give the space a bright and playful vibe, the whitewashed shelves are filled with pink, green, and blue containers that are labeled according to their contents.

K-Zone Editor-in-Chief Maggie Adan’s 63sqm loft-type Condo

Magazine editor Maggie Adan transformed her bare 63sqm loft-type condo into a feminine, forest-inspired wonderland. The empty space underneath the stairs has been turned into a small home office with pale blue wood grain-print wallpaper from Wallcrown. Floating shelves that hold some of Maggie's favorite things are matched with a white writing desk and a reproduction Eames chair.

See more photos and view the full home here:

Paolo and Issa Feliciano's Modern Filipino home

Young couple Paolo and Issa Feliciano followed a Modern Filipino design style for their home. In the home office, built-in shelves, basket storage and ample desk space make the area functional. The stylish swivel chair, graphic vertical stripes on the wall and a printed rug complete the space.

See more photos and view the full home here:

Michael and Joee Manalo's 130sqm Condo

Found in a 130sqm condo in the city that Michael and Joee Manalo shares with their two young daughters, this home office has a white brick wall is completed with lighted shelves and a display case for Michael’s toy collection. A simple table with clean, straight lines is paired with black director chairs.

See more photos and view the full home here:

Kat and Dexter Erro's 72sqm Condo

In this 72sqm condo unit in Quezon City, practical storage solutions help create a neat and organized space for Kat and Dexter Erro. In one of the rooms, a wall is covered with whitewashed shelves that are filled with books and framed photos of the young family. This creative addition to the space has helped turn the area into a mini library.

See more photos and view the full home here:

Kat and Dexter Erro's 72sqm Condo

Another room serves as a private work area for the father of the family. To create an interesting focal point, a black wall is adorned with a colorful artwork. An L-shaped wooden desk is set in one corner.

See more photos and view the full home here:

Kat and Dexter Erro's 72sqm Condo

For her own personal space, Kat chose a predominantly white color scheme. Her teal sewing machine is not just used for her work as a bag designer – it also serves as a vibrant pop of color.

See more photos and view the full home here:

Photographer Miguel Nacianceno's Bachelor Pad

In this bachelor pad, photographer Miguel Nacianceno chose recycled furniture and quirky home décor. His work area is furnished with a basic wooden table and a molded plastic chair. An open bookcase serves as a fitting final touch.

See more photos and view the full home here:

Architect Lara Fernandez-Barrios's Modern Filipino Townhouse

Architect Lara Fernandez-Barrios and husband JB changed their 208sqm, two-storey townhouse through extensive construction work, wooden floors from old buildings, and antique wooden furniture. Three meters were added to the house to make room for a home office for Larawan Ink, Lara’s architectural firm that specializes in commercial and residential projects. Hardwood floor boards from old houses were used to create an interesting accent wall.

See more photos and view the full home here:

Architect Allen Oblena's 50sqm Condo

Architect and designer Allen Oblena’s 50sqm bi-level condo unit is proof of his passion for design and eye for detail. One corner of the space is defined by a wall-mounted shelf hanging above a work desk. A striped armchair serves as a comfortable yet stylish seat.

See more photos and view the full home here:

Doris Amora's 23sqm Condo

For homeowner Doris Amora, her 23sqm unit for her children who are studying in Manila provides them with convenience, safety, and peace of mind. The home office is furnished with a whitewashed bookshelf and wall-mounted clipboards.

See more photos and view the full home here:

Doris Amora's 23sqm Condo

To save space in the one-bedroom condo, the study table for two can actually be turned into a dining table. Underneath the desk is a second base that can be pulled out to make the table longer.

See more photos and view the full home here:


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