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9 Favorite Homes of Real Living Editors

Learn more about some of the memorable spaces that we have featured through the years

Photography: At Maculangan (Main Photo)

Did you know that you can create a special home on a small budget? Some of the favorite homes of Real Living editors were actually decorated by the homeowners themselves! We believe that even condos, apartments, and houses that homeowners decorated on their own can be perfect just as they are.

To celebrate our 12th anniversary and highlight the beauty of every home, here is a list of some of the most memorable spaces — from the professionally designed projects to the DIY areas:

"I loved the story behind Monette Flores' charming house! Since the wood planks were sold by the people from a community in Rizal, the owner was able to help families start their own livelihood. It's like hitting two birds with one stone: she was able to build her dream house while helping others, too!"  Cielo

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"This 49sqm condo designed by Van Acuna proves that great things come in small packages! Remember: a tiny home can be comfortable, stylish, and functional."  Therese

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"It’s hard to pick an all-time favorite home, since there are so many to choose from. But, if I really have to select just one, I’ll have to go with this 45sqm space. The owner, fashion blogger Lana Tiotuyco, has created a bachelor pad-like home, with only a few feminine pieces here and there. 

From the black metal cabinet from Dimensione in the living room to the floor-to-ceiling closets that frame the bed in the sleeping quarters, there’s so much to appreciate in this home, and little I would change. I’d move in today if the owner would let me!"  Tom   

"I also love this stylish condo because of its clean lines and quirky statement pieces!"  Bea

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“My favorite Real Home is that of industrial designer, teacher, and Make it Up store owner Mitch Shivers. I like his house because it's a modern house that uses a lot of cast-in-place concrete, steel, and glass. 

It's also built on a small, oddly-shaped plot of land, but it doesn't feel like it's small or awkward because the spaces are articulated so beautifully. It's a multiple-story residence, and he even has a DJ's mixing table under the stairs!” Rachelle

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"My favorite is the Gutierrez residence featured in the October 2014 issue. All the areas in that house—living area, dining, kitchen, bedroom, bath—are wonderfully designed. When I saw the place, I immediately knew that it’s my dream home.

There are floor-to-ceiling windows that allow natural light to flood the house, it’s surrounded by lots of trees, most of the wood used are recycled, and each area is spacious BUT homey."  Sunshine

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“My favorite Real Home is Maggie Adan’s loft-type condo unit, which was featured in our July 2013 issue. It’s feminine with touches of quirky and country elements. I also love the color scheme, which is relaxing and cool to the eyes. I actually want to replicate the look in my own home in the future.”  Kaye

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“My favorite is Rey Lanada’s home in the September 2013 issue. It’s a condominium unit in Mandaluyong but it has an airy and light interior.

I love that it is a corner unit with full windows which lets in ambient light and has good cross-ventilation. I also like the high ceiling and the white walls that made the interior more spacious. The architect designed the 50sqm with sliding panels that could separate the bedroom from the rest of the areas in the home when visitors come over.”  Dagny

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“My favorite is Kat San Juan and her sisters’ boho studio which was on the cover of our December 2013-January 2014 issue. It’s a really small space but it was definitely an extension and a beautiful reflection of the homeowners’ personalities.

Being there was like being on a treasure hunt because of all the trinkets and good surprises that you will find. Their space was simple, but very homey. Their studio is very animated.”  Tala

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“My favorite is Bien Po’s lovely home featured in November 2011 and again in February 2014. It's amazing how a place so small (clocking in at 46.5sqm!) can have so much character! 

It's proof that you can live large at any size and that's what I aspire for the dream house, really. It's not about the size of your home but more on what you make of it. Plus, his possessions all tell a story, which beats store-bought baubles anytime.”  Paula

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