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RL Picks: 20 Best Bathrooms

From relaxing and luxurious to small and compact, here are spaces that truly deserve to be called comfort rooms


Considering all the dirty jobs done in the privacy of its walls, the bathroom can easily be the most neglected area in a house. However, this should not be the case, as this space reveals a lot about its dweller.

Scroll down to see stylish lavatories that will inspire you to decorate your own!

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Sleek and clean fixtures and accessories make a contemporary bathroom easy to spot. A contemporary bathroom becomes a blank canvas, and anything you add or remove can dictate its overall look. 

In this bathroom, the framed sepia artworks and bamboo plant bring an organic touch to Jimmy Lagdameo’s bathroom, designed by Angelo Manosa of A. Manosa + Architects, son of National Artist and renowned architect Francisco Manosa.  

See more photos and view the full home here:

This spacious bathroom of Jake Ligones provides plenty of room for anything, including a vanity island that keeps the area from looking bare. 

See more photos and view the full home here:

The floor-to-ceiling glass wall lets the natural light stream in, making this powder room bright and airy. 

See more photos and view the full home here:

Checkered tiles make this bathroom stand out.


More than a place of dirty secrets, the bathroom can also be a sanctuary after a long, tiring day. And with a relaxing vibe, staying there can be a great relief, if not therapeutic. 

Green plants and clay pots work together to give this bathroom, designed by Arch. Armando Mendoza, a spa-like vibe. 

See more photos and view the full home here:

A selection of potted plants makes this bathroom more soothing.

With the plants and stones in the space, this bathroom is an ode to nature.

It is tempting to indulge in a long, warm bath in the Villafuertes’ bathroom, with its natural lighting and Zen garden-like vibe. 

Small Spaces

Now that more and more people opt to live in compact condo units and apartments, maximizing space becomes a primary concern. In spite of space constraints, these bathrooms pack a wallop in terms of style. 

Indirect lighting sets a tranquil mood in Wilmer Lopez and Thor Balanon’s bathroom, while the glass windows seem to connect the space to the lanai. 

See more photos and view the full home here:

The transparent partition keeps this bathroom, designed by Chako Hirayama, from looking cramped. The soft gray walls are complemented by the white floor tiles.


If you’re a minimalist, take a hint from how Arch. Bernie Sason designed his powder room: bare concrete walls, sleek and understated bathroom fixtures, with just a framed artwork to spruce up the space.

See the home of Arch. Bernie Sason:

The impressive lighting in this bathroom by designer Fritz Santos takes your mind off the limitations of the area. The mirrors create an airy and spacious feel. 


Want to go all-out in designing your bathroom? Be inspired by these luxurious and glamorous ones and create a whole new experience while going about your daily routines.

Previously a laundry area, this bathroom became peace studies professor Marco Gutang’s very own spa, complete with massage bed and wooden wall décor typically seen in popular spas.  

Ornate carvings and warm lighting all work together to give the Uy family’s bathroom a classy, hotel-like vibe. 

Businesswoman Lori Beredo sees her bathroom as her sanctuary. The state-of the-art shower enclosure, classic black chair, and the unexpected chandelier against a clean, white wall spell luxury. 

One of a Kind

Infuse personality in your  own private space. You can make your bathroom unique with eclectic-looking tiles or bold accessories.

This charming bathroom, housed  in a modern bahay kubo,  reflects the quirkiness of its owner, columnist, essayist, and memoirist Tweetums Gonzalez

The two elegant table lamps add glamor and sophistication to this predominantly white bathroom.

This all-white bathroom is spotless since all of the belongings have been stashed away in the recessed cabinet. 


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