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Must-Read Organizing Tips According to Your Hobbies

Bust the clutter in the closet, the kitchen, and even in the garage!


Whether you love crafting, cooking, collecting books, or working on your favorite car – I’m sure you have your own “mess” to deal with – from ribbons and paper to utensils and tools. Work on your favorite pastime minus the stress by keeping your favorite part of the house relaxing and spotless! Here are tips to help you:

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For the fashionista

Those who love to shop and invest in clothes may have a hard time fitting everything in a small cabinet. While you can always turn an extra room into a walk-in closet, you can begin with simple steps like purchasing sturdy bins, rods, and wooden planks. These items can help you craft a makeshift closet for all your belongings.

For starters, here are tips to help you:

  • Organize your clothes according to color, style, or use.
  • Keep your shoes together in one corner.
  • Gather your accessories and keep them in small catchalls that you can put on shelves.

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Photo by Dairy Darilag.

For the travelers and explorers

Do you love going out of town every month or do you prefer going abroad every year? Whatever your travel plans, I'm guessing that you have tons of photographs and souvenirs, too! Where can you place and display all of these? Look around and search for a blank wall!

Ideas to consider:

  • Turn a plain wall into a huge travel inspiration board by sticking a map—up to you if you want to display a Philippine or World map—maybe you can even have both! To help you add markers, you can attach it to a corkboard first before hanging it on the wall.
  • Display your photos and create a gallery wall. You can even use your favorite photos as your marker on the places you've been too.
  • If you have more decor pieces, you can also add a shelf to help you showcase these.

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For the movie buff

Those who enjoy watching movies over and over would still collect DVDs and CDs of their favorites even if there's Netflix or other streaming services available. Where do you keep your prized collection?

Organize your favorites:

It's okay to keep them organized inside drawers and cabinets but don't you want others to appreciate your collection too? Consider installing wall-mounted shelves in your bedroom, living room, or entertainment area (depending on where you usually watch flicks) and carefully arrange your DVDs. You can segregate them per genre or year.

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Photo by Ocs Alvarez/ACME Visual Productions.

For the bookworm

Do you leave books strewn all over your room? Is it normal to find a copy or two in the different areas at home? 

Show your books some love with these ideas:

  • Invest in a sturdy shelf that can fit in your room or living area. You can also install wall-mounted shelves to save on floor space.
  • Arrange your books per author, genre, or even according to the color of the spine!
  • You can also separate your favorites from the "to-be-read" pile.
  • Designate a special corner where you can place books that you've just finished reading or a tiny spot for your current read.

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Photo by Dairy Darilag.

For the car enthusiast

Those who love their cars would often spend time in the garage—tinkering with tools and making sure that the car is clean and spotless.

Keep your work area clean with these basic tips:

Designate a spot for your tools and cleaning must-haves. You can purchase plastic bins so you can easily find what you need or install wall-mounted cubbies.

You can also use a pegboard for other items and accessories.

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For the crafter

Crafting and working on DIY projects are stress-busters that require tons of materials and small trinkets.

Work efficiently with the help of these tips:

  • Install rods inside cabinet doors and use it to organize ribbons and specialty paper.
  • Group your essentials according to craft, project, or use. Keep these in plastic bins and recycled boxes.
  • You can also recycle old jars and use it to store scrapbooking must-haves, clips, and other small items.

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Photo by Vincent Coscolluela.

For those who love to cook

If cooking gives you joy and spending time in the kitchen completes your day, I'm sure you'd love to have a spacious cooking area where you can easily get the utensils and ingredients that you need.

Make the most of your kitchen with these must-dos:

  • Keep the cabinet and shelves clean. Discard food items that are way beyond the expiry date.
  • If you have a pantry, organize the food items with the help of jars, baskets, and trays.
  • You can also add labels stating the expiry date of the food items to help you keep track.

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Photo by Miguel Nacianceno.

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