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Jumpstart Your Day: 5 Charming Pantry Ideas that You Can Recreate at Home

Repurpose an old furniture piece, transform an unused corner, and create a nook reminiscent of a grocery store


When it comes to storing canned goods, extra ingredients, and food supplies—many homeowners make use of kitchen cabinets, open shelves, and other nooks found all over the house. There are a few who also keep these items inside refrigerators. While these are okay as long as it's safe from pests and ants, we still can't help but wish for a pantry where we can store our groceries.

If you have budget to spare, you may want to work on easy projects that can help you achieve a cute and functional pantry. To be able to accomplish this, you can choose to go DIY all the way or ask help from your trusted carpenter. Take note of these lovely ideas from Pinterest:

Main photos from: Country Living and Giddy Upcycled.

Look around your kitchen. Even if you have a small space, you can still have a special pantry where you can keep your extra groceries. Notice that space between the refrigerator and the wall? Craft a roll-out pantry that can hold your canned goods and bottles. This helps you save on floor space while keeping your kitchen organized. Click here for the complete guide.

RL Tip: Your pantry doesn't have to be plain. Decorate the back of the shelves with interesting prints and patterns. You can experiment with the final look or take inspiration from Classy Clutter's project by choosing a chevron pattern.

Photo from Classy Clutter.

This idea is perfect if you have an empty space under the stairs or an old small room that has seen better days. Purge and declutter the area and transform it into a pantry with pull-out drawers and shelves. Arrange the items per kind or use. Make sure you place the heavy ones on the bottom tier and the ones you use on a regular basis at eye level.

Photo from USNow Home Inspiration.

Achieve a country-inspired vibe at home with hints of rustic and vintage touches by working with a built-in shelf. Since this can look too exposed, use a sliding door to conceal the storage space. Take it a notch higher by opting for a barn door! Vintage Hardware offers just the right essentials that you would need.

RL Tip: Make sure that the shelves are sturdy to hold heavy cans and supplies. Have enough space on the floor for big containers, boxes, and bottles.

Photo from Country Living.

Got an old armoire or vintage cabinet gathering dust in the storage room? Instead of leaving them there or bringing it to the nearest junk shop, you can breathe new life into the piece by repurposing it into a pantry. Ask a carpenter if the piece can be modified—you can add extra drawers, storage underneath, and mini shelves inside cabinet doors. Clean it thoroughly and paint it in a hue that works well with your interiors. We love how gray was used for this piece!

Photo from Giddy Upcycled.

An extra room can easily turn into a blackhole of broken furniture, appliances, and many other items that we no longer use but can't let go of. Let this be a sign that you need to declutter and turn the space into something functional and pretty. Once you've cleaned the space, have it painted, and create a personal grocery store where you can find all your favorite snacks, sweets, and ingredients.

Fill the space with cabinets and liven up the walls with open shelves. Make it interesting by arranging the items similar to how supermakets do it. Group items into powdered ingredients, breakfast items, and condiments to name a few. Add a couple of baskets in one corner so you can get everything you need in one go. Imagine stepping into your "store" to get the ingredients that you would need for the day—sounds fun!

Photo from Indulgy via Country Living.

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