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Jumpstart Your Day: 4 Clever Living Room Organizing Solutions that You Can Try

Keep clutter at bay with the help of these ideas


As we welcome guests into our homes, we don't want them to see magazines, decor pieces, and other items all over the place. To help keep the living area clean and organized, here are four ideas that you can do.

Main photos from: ForRent and I Heart Organizing.

Opt for multipurpose shelves

When choosing pieces for the living area, opt for pieces that can serve more than one purpose at home. If you're planning on adding a side table, go for the piece that's slim and open as seen in the photo. It doesn't take too much space and you can put decor pieces, some reading materials, and baskets where you can store more items, too.

Photo from Walmart.

Add a caddy for remote controls and other small items

If your living area cannot accommodate an extra side table, you may choose to have a mattress caddy instead. Simply secure it in between cushions so it won't fall off. You may keep controls and other tiny essentials within the pockets.

Photo from Amazon.

Use trays and labels to create catchalls

Just the sight of keys, phones, and other must-haves scattered all over the living area make the entire home look disorganized. Keep your items organized while avoiding anything getting lost by having a designated area where everyone can access their daily essentials such as keys and IDs. Prepare a divided tray with corresponding labels. You can even label the divisions according to the names of household members.

Photo from I Heart Organizing.

Choose shelves wisely

If you plan on getting one console table for the living area instead of having two or more side tables, opt for a piece that can be used as storage unit as well. This piece can hold lamps and decor pieces while keeping books, magazines, and baskets of other items organized.

Photo from ForRent.


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