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How To Build A Pocket Garden for P5,000 or Less

Achieve an indoor or outdoor Zen corner that's within your means

Photography: Jun Pinzon and Dairy Darilag (Main Photos)

When it comes to creating a mini garden, it can be easy to start with a few pots of succulents, or a vertical garden featuring herbs and cacti in recycled planters. However, if you want to take things to the next level, you can achieve a pocket garden without worrying about the expenses. Franco Hubilla of the Hubilla Design Group shares important pointers below that can help you get started. With a budget of P5,000 or less, you can build your own little paradise where you can meditate and care for your favorite plants. 

Once you've prepared the budget, finalize the spot where you plan to build your garden. According to Franco, the baseline and range for the cost is P1,500 (for 3sqm) and to P2,500 (2sqm)—including the materials you would need to complete the space. Remember to ask help from a professional when it comes to measuring the areas.

With a budget of P5,000, here are two options you can work on:

1. Ground level pocket garden without sunlight (most likely placed indoors)

This is perfect for those who intend to plant less on the ground and would rather focus on the hardscape or man-made fixtures in the space. These fixtures include vertical elements like an accent wall, a water feature, a trellis, and compacted pebbles or turf grass on the ground.

Depending on your budget, you can have an accent wall with hanging plants, compacted pebbles, and a movable bench. Those who have money to spare can also invest in a customized indoor waterfall fountain and a chic seating piece where you and your guests can hang out.

Here are materials you would need and an estimated *cost breakdown:

  • White garden pebbles—P400 per sack—approximately 3 sacks per square meter = P1,200
  • Codo stone (gray pebbles)—P200 per sack—approximately 3 sacks per square meter = P800
  • Compacted 3/4 gravel bed (placed before pebbles)—P1,000

Optional features:

  • Water wall—around P15,000 to P25,000 (It depends on the size and design. This can be customized as well.)
  • Accent wall—around P3,000 per square meter; including labor


*Costs indicated are only estimates. It's best to visit stores to check current prices. You can also consult and verify with different suppliers.

2. Ground level pocket garden with ample sunlight (can be in the lawn area or patio)

If you plan to have different kinds of plants, this option gives you plenty of space where you can plant and cultivate your favorites. It also makes the cost more flexible as plant cost is based on the size and quantity (including spacing) of your chosen green friends.

Whether you're working on a patio or lawn, consider having a Piedra Stone path within the perimeter, gray pebbles, and potted plants as accents.

Here are materials you would need and an estimated *cost breakdown:

  • Piedra Pinoy Stone (1.9mx.50m)—P2,500 | (.50mx.50m)—P550 to P600 per piece
  • Grass—P500 to P700 per square meter (including garden soil and labor)
  • Pots—P500 to P2,500 per piece (depending on the type of pot. Note that Terracotta pots cost around P900 while the price of glazed pots range from P2,500 to P5,000)
  • Potted plant—consider working with Spineless Yucca; it costs P2,800 to P3,500 per piece (at 6ft. to 8ft.). The Spineless Yucca has a clean body and is quite easy to maintain.
  • Customized gravel washout slabs—P700 to P1,000 per piece


*Costs indicated are only estimates. It's best to visit stores to check current prices. You can also consult and verify with different suppliers.

Make the most of your pocket garden by keeping it in tip-top shape. Franco shares these easy must-dos:

1. Ask your plant supplier if it's possible to include maintenance in your contract. This makes sure that your plants can adapt to the environment. Inquire about the possibility of having them or their representatives teach you how to maintain each plant in your garden.

2. Don't forget to regularly scrub and clean the pathway and stones in your garden to avoid and remove moss.

3. Drain the water that may have accumulated at the bottom of the pots to avoid the possibility of having a breeding ground for mosquitoes and pests.

4. Clean the basin of your water features.

5. Have a special spot or corner for your gardening tools and accessories to keep it neat and organized. 

Visit these stores for gardening materials and plants:

Angel's Blooms Garden


Cedarhills Garden Center


Mindanao Avenue Garden Center

  • 106 Mindanao Avenue, Novaliches, Quezon City


EDSA Garden House

  • 867 EDSA corner Times Street, Barangay West Triangle, Quezon City
  • Tel. No. 929-3189 | info[at]


Before buying materials and working on your project, it's best to consult with a professional. You can get in touch with a designer or e-mail the Hubilla Design Group at hdg.ofc[at] to make your oasis dream come true.

PHOTOS (in order): Jun Pinzon | Miguel Nacianceno | Ocs Alvarez/ACME Visual Productions | Dairy Darilag | Vincent Coscolluela

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