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Home Tips for the High-Maintenance Urbanite

Living independently has never been this fun and easy!


For most of us who live independently, we balance our hectic work schedules with regular personal pampering: from a weekly mani-pedi and massage, monthly brow shaping, bi-monthly haircut and facial, quarterly hair color and treatment to annual dental and health checkups, we’re high maintenance in a healthy way!

As with beauty and wellness routines, it’s also important to take extra care of your own home. A clean, organized, and well-maintained home has a great effect on your total well-being.

Regular home maintenance is as easy as your beauty ritual and it doesn’t cost a fortune. In fact, if you do it regularly, it will keep you from spending on unforeseen repairs. Remember, more savings equate to extra cash for that laser hair removal!

So are you really high maintenance? Let’s start at home.

Daily or Weekly

1. De-clutter and clean your refrigerator.

Your weekly grocery shopping can trigger this routine. Throw away all rotten fruit and vegetables, check all expiration dates on your food and drinks, and wipe the insides with an all-natural disinfectant.

2. Degrease and deodorize your appliances.

Don’t wait for grime and grease to build up. Use an all-natural cleanser like apple cider vinegar to clean and deodorize your appliances.

3. Unclog your shower drains.

Hair in your shower drain = not pretty. Make it a habit to take them out to prevent clogging.

4. Deep clean your bathroom and water closet.

Never run the risk of having friends or parents over with a stinky toilet. Wipe, scrub, air, and deodorize your whole bathroom once or twice a week.


1. Wash your A/C and range hood filter; wipe off your electric fan blades.

This is often overlooked at home. Clean filters and fan blades make your exhaust and cooling systems more efficient and can give you incremental savings in your electricity bill.

2. Get your windows squeaky cleaned.

Enjoy your #nofilter city view by cleaning your windows regularly. Prevent dirt from sticking around the steel or aluminum frame for extra sheen.

3. Detangle and check all your electrical wires.

Unkempt electrical wires are totally unsafe and can turn into an eyesore. Use cable ties or cord organizers to keep them together. Remember to replace the wires with nips and cracks.


1. Clean your sink drains. Unclog your storm drains.

Pour a mixture of hot water, baking soda, and vinegar down your drain to prevent grime from building up. Free your storm drains from dried leaves and twigs—especially during rainy days.

2. Check for any leaks in your pipes, faucets, ceilings, and walls.

Act quickly and seek professional help once you notice water marks from leaks.

3. Check and replace busted light bulbs.

Once it flickers, it’s time to replace. Try switching to LED bulbs. They’re a little more expensive than CFLs but the long term savings are huge!


1. Repaint all chipped walls, rusty steel gates, and window frames.

Normal wear and tear can easily be seen on the exterior of your home. Keep it from looking rundown by maintaining its paint.

2. Check your door handles and door locks.

Make sure all door handles and locks are rust-free and working well. Replace broken ones right away.

3. Do a deep all-around cleaning and free your home from pests.

Dirty homes become breeding grounds for insects which can cause severe damage especially if you have wood and natural materials. Use all-natural pesticides for maintenance. If you discover an insect kingdom, should you run for your life? No, just stay calm and seek professional assistance.

Happy independent living!

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