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Feng Shui for the Home (Part 2)

Identify the good and bad sectors of your home with this handy guide from Master Hanz Cua


Prepare for the Year of the Wood Sheep with this guide from Master Hanz Cua that will help you identify the good and bad “sectors” of your home. For this, you will need a magnetic compass and your house’s floor plan.

You can use the Flying Stars Method by standing at the center of your house and looking out to the rest of the space. Divide the sectors according to direction: south, southeast, southwest, east, northeast, northwest, north, and west, and center—that is, the middle square of your home.

Photos used in this feature by Ocs Alvarez/ACME Visual Productions, Miguel Nacianceno, Paolo Feliciano and Jun Pinzon.

Southeast Sector

This year, the Illness Star #2 flies into this sector. To avoid activating this, make sure it is free from the fire element.

Don’t use bright lights here; don’t put anything that has the color red. As much as possible, avoid doing too many activities in this area. Counter these by placing metal elements such as brass, copper, bronze.

South Sector

The Violent Star #7 flies into this sector. This is the aggressive star associated with violence and conflict.

Counter these by placing the water element here like a glass bowl with goldfish and fountain. You may also add protective animal symbols like the blue rhino, elephant with the trunk up, or a pair (male and female) of Fu dogs.

Southwest Sector

The Lucky Multiplying Star #9 that brings good fortune comes here. The matriarch, if she has an office or room here, will benefit most.

Couples starting a family should have their bedroom here to gain good fortune. If your main door is located here, you will invite increase in income, fame and recognition, and happiness in life. Enhance this sector with bright lights, red-colored things, and nine pieces of crystals or stones.

East Sector

The Lucky White Star #1 dominates this sector. It brings good luck for those looking for a more successful and satisfying career.

You can also invite luck regarding working abroad and overcoming competition at work and business through this area. Activate this sector with the water element: a bowl or aquarium with nine fish (one black, eight gold or red fish), seashell, statue or painting of a sailing ship; and the wood element: fortune plant, wood materials like artwork, furniture or carvings. 

Center Sector

Argument Star #3 causes disagreements and misunderstanding. As much as possible, try to avoid this sector. Counter this by placing a rose quartz stone or amethyst geode to calm down the energy; avoid placing anything with wood or earth element here. 

West Sector

This is the most problematic sector with the Yellow Misfortune Star #5. Avoid activities here and don’t do any major renovations in the area. You may also avoid putting a television, telephone or gadgets that emit light or sound. Counter these with five stones inside a metal jar and metal objects made of copper, brass, and iron. 

Northeast Sector

Favorable Heaven White Star #6 flies into this sector, bringing recognition, promotion, and salary increase. If your main door is located here, use it frequently. Enhance it by placing six crystals/stones, wealth Buddha, auspicious symbols or images of saints. Avoid placing metal objects here.

North Sector

Auspicious Wealth Star #8 appears in the North. It is the #1 wealth sector of the home.

If your main door is located here, use it frequently to activate prosperity, success, strong financial return. Metallic objects will be good here. Avoid putting potted plants or large earthenware objects in the area.

Northwest Sector

Romance Love and Study Scholastic Star #4 influences relationship luck and benefits intellectual endeavors.

Couples can enhance their relationship if their bedroom is located here. Enhance the area with rose quartz or Double Happiness symbol to enhance the romance energy. Meanwhile, an abacus or globe/world map will activate scholastic and travel luck.

You may contact Master Hanz Cua, tarot card reader and Feng Shui consultant, through 0922-8290382 or You can also find him at Level 1, EDSA Shangri-la Plaza, Mandaluyong City.


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