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Do You Need A Space Clearer?

If life hasn’t been going so well, or if you have been feeling out of sorts at home, perhaps you need something more than Feng Shui

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We clear our space of clutter to clean the room, improve its efficiency, and make it look nice. But if you’ve been stuck in a rut, have you thought about clearing the “invisible” clutter in your life and home? Then you probably need a home detox of sorts, or a space clearing.

“Few people know what space-clearing really is,” admits UK-born Tracey Stanton, who’s one of the very few registered space clearers in the world trained by leading expert Karen Kingston. An interest in Feng Shui led Tracey to come across the website of Karen, the pioneer of space clearing and bestselling author of Clear your Clutter with Feng Shui and Creating Sacred Space With Feng Shui.

Tracey then set up her own company, Red Alchemy, offering consultations in space clearing as well as intuitive Feng Shui. Here, Tracey explains how space clearing works, and what kind of energy it leaves behind. 

The more open you are, the more you will receive.

Says Tracey: “From the moment I arrive and till I leave the client’s home, it’s all about them [the clients]. I hold aspirations for the entire consultation. How much can you receive? The more open you are, the more you will receive. My role is to help them facilitate an opening. It’s personal as well as space clearing.”

Space clearing can attract prosperity, clear previous energy, or give clarity.

“Some people want space clearing for prosperity or an energy lift…one client wanted to conceive a child. I space-cleared in the morning and she conceived in 36 hours. People also ring me to clear imprints or the previous occupants’ energy. If a couple who had gone through a divorce had lived in the house, the new couple starts to have problems. Things repeat themselves in spaces that are not cleared.”

But it’s not for shooing away spirits.

“Clearing entities is not what I do. I’m not a ghost-buster. But if I come across one, I let the occupant know and tell them how they can carry on.”

The process is deeper than Feng Shui—here’s how it works.

“When I arrive at the client’s house we talk about his or her intentions…I create a heart space for them and they start to open. Then I do a round of energy sensing in the whole house. I read the etheric [physical] and astral [mental/emotional] imprints of the space with my hands. I tune into the house—memories, good times, bad times, the type of person or people who live there. All the client’s energy is imbued in the walls for us to read.”

“I always set up an altar. We use flowers, candles, plates, incense, to represent earth, fire, water, air. These represent the four elements that we work with in space clearing.”

Space clearing has many steps.

“The focus is the 21-step ceremony developed by Karen [Kingston]…I prepare the altar. I place an offering in each room. Then I clap the space starting from the door. Clapping has a fire to it; it sends fire to corners [where energy gets stuck]. Then I use a set of consecrated bells, which shatter astral imprints in the walls. I do this all the way around the house from the door to create a circle of sound. After the belling I go to the altar to do a shielding technique. Then we do a meditation. The client holds a harmony ball that soaks in energy. You put your intention into that ball and shake it all over the place.”

New energy is brought in to the space.

“When I’m space clearing, I’m landing an impulse in the space, and people ride on the impulse I land. For the next few months, this opens possibilities for them. It has different effects for different people. I hold your aspiration in a particular way; I connect with something in an unusual way.”

For more info on space clearing and to find out how to buy the books, follow Tracey Stanton and Karen Kingston on their websites and blogs Red Alchemy and

Read the original article ("Space Clearer") in the January-February 2005 issue of Real Living Magazine. Download your digital copy of Real Living on the Real Living App. Log on to for more details.

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