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5 Natural Ingredients to Make Your Home Smell Good

Banish the musky or ‘kulob’ smell inside your home with these readily available must-haves


You can keep your home smelling fresh and clean all day without spending much! The secret: using natural ingredients. These natural remedies can eliminate odors from cigarette smoke and other weird smells.

What's great about these natural ingredients is they do not have harsh chemicals that may pose as health hazards. Here are five natural air fresheners that you can use.

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After cooking a delicious meal, does your kitchen smell like fish or beef? If yes, eliminate those strong odors using lemon! Simmer lemon slices in a pan with water for ten minutes then place it inside a recycled mason jar.

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RL Tip: You may choose to add a couple of cinnamon sticks to the pan to serve as contrast to the citrus scent of the lemon.

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Aside from giving your home a refreshing minty scent, eucalyptus is also known for its sinus-clearing power. Simply mix vodka, distilled water, and eucalyptus essentials oils to create a room spray.

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Vinegar is essential not just for cooking but for making different homemade solutions, too. Did you know that it can also help remove smells from cigarettes and suffocating odors from newly applied paint. Simply place a cup filled with white vinegar and water in one corner of the space and let it sit until the odor is completely removed.

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Don’t throw out your dried flowers just yet! You can use them to create your own potpourri. Combine a handful of dried flowers or plants together and mix them with a few drops of lavender or eucalyptus essential oil. Keep the fragrant smell by changing the oils once a month. 

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Basil helps avoid pests at home while eradicating unwanted house odors. Mix four tablespoons of dried basil with lemon or lavender oils to create a calming smell in the bathroom or kitchen.

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