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Bathrooms We Love: 8 Well-Designed Personal Spaces

These well-thought-out areas will surely motivate you to build a clean and spotless T&B


 A private room where we prep ourselves every day, the bathroom is sometimes the smallest area in the house. While some prefer a minimalist approach with white accessories and a clean color palette, there are some who prefer to reflect the overall theme of the house in their T&B.

Whether you want a colorful space or a simple area, here are eight bathrooms that will give you different ideas when it comes to decorating your space. Feel free to explore and exercise your creativity.


This weekend home owned by Wilmer Lopez and Thor Balanon went under a total makeover since the 1960s-style place was too dark and cramped. After four months of hard work, the space maintained its 60s charm with a muted color neutral color palette and mid-century modern furniture pieces made from bleached wood.

The horizontal sliding window makes the space look bigger while the all-white palette opens up the area. The wooden bathroom counter was made from old railroad tracks.

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With the help of architect Joel Munoz, the owners of this home were able to achieve the resort-style space that they’ve always wanted.

To reflect their tradition of vacationing in resorts, the spacious bathroom somehow transports you to a high-end luxury spa. The wooden elements added to the space work well with the warm and natural lighting.

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Spacious and nature-inspired

Designed by Louis Luna, this family home underwent an eight-year renovation. The result of the long wait is a contemporary house with an updated yet Filipino retro vibe. Luna’s tried-and-tested formula of “one in, one out” has helped the family maximize their valued antique pieces – displaying them alongside modern décor.

The bathroom highlights an airy feel as the owners chose to bring the indoors outside. The plants, bricks, and stones add a refreshing touch to the space.

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Bright and cheerful

In this 32sqm bachelorette pad, the most captivating feature of the home are the candy-colored walls that make the space interesting. This home is all about affordable finds and maximizing every square inch by having multipurpose pieces like a couch that can be turned into a bed and ottomans that also serve as storage.

Since the rest of the space showcases aqua walls, the bathroom tells a different story. Bright yellow paint was used to liven up the area while wall stickers add character and a quirky touch.

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When this ancestral home was transformed into a bed and breakfast, the owner was determined to retain its Old World charm. After the renovation project, the space now highlights a bahay-na-bato shell with Old World interiors, vibrant pops of color, and a French-Asian vibe.

While the mosaic walls give an edgy, eclectic feel; the earthen jars and wall accents complete the distinctly Asian feel.

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Vibrant pops of color

When architect John David O’Yek built this serene haven within the hustle and bustle of the city, he drew inspiration from Mother Nature – keeping in mind the family’s request for space, light, and air. The ensuing C-shaped structure highlights a towering wall on the front and fourth side while the rest of the layout is split-level.

The bathroom shows that neutrals are great foundations for décor and design. Having predominantly white walls helped enlarge the space while the charming wall accents give a happy pop of color. If you’re working with white walls, you may choose to pair it with red, orange, or deep purple.

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A space with proper storage solutions

In this starter home for a young family, space, aesthetics, and budget were considered. The result is an aesthetically pleasing space that’s practical for the owners. It showcases a faux fireplace that functions as a media cabinet and floor-to-ceiling shelves filled with books and other knickknacks.

To avoid clutter and to keep items organized, storage baskets and shelves were added to the guest bathroom. Essentials are kept neat and clean under the sink while photo frames and green touches add character to the space.

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Rustic touch

When architect Kathleen Henares and contractor Fidel Henares worked on this project, they had to make adjustments since the lot follows the curve of the street and the owners wanted to keep the trees. The result is modern tropical home filled with natural elements.

Since the home highlights a rustic vibe, the bathroom also follows the same theme. A solid kamagong countertop was paired with woven baskets and a stool with a solihiya seat.

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