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RL Picks: Meet the Homeowners

Interior designer Kimi Manuel takes a peek inside two units that reflect their owners’ personalities

Original Article: Sunshine Selga Funa and Katherine Lopez Photography: Miguel Nacianceno and Vincent Coscolluela Pictorial Direction: Joanne Bohol and Tala Singson

A house, much like one’s clothes, shows a glimpse of its owner’s personality. In this feature, interior designer Kimi Manuel checks out two personal spaces to find out what these homes say about their residents. 

Read the original article ("Do You Resemble Your Condo?") in the June 2013 issue of Real Living Magazine. Download your digital copy of Real Living on the Real Living App ( now! Log on to for more details.  

Bru Sim and Marcus Nada The townhouse unit of couple Bru Sim and Marcus Nada is a dead giveaway of what this duo is passionate about: art. With its multi-storey, winding structure, the home is a playground of colors juxtaposed with a variety of visual stimuli ranging from the artistic (vibrant works by the couple or their artist friends) to the nostalgic (they have a lot of vintage pop culture finds and kiddie photos).
Bru and Marcus, who run the design studio Electrolychee, consider their house an “ongoing project.” “I would say it brought us closer because we have to work together to maintain the house and coordinate its look and character. Volt-in kumbaga. Reflected in the colors and design elements is ‘organized’ clutter,” says Bru.
“The house was done by my dad’s architect friend,” says Bru. “It’s a mix of tropical styles [Mexican, Middle East, Greek, Old Manila] and modern, likewise inspired by Ray and Charles Eames’ house. But the interior design is solely Marcus and Bru. It freaked my dad out initially that we wanted a colorful house!”
Kimi says: “Without a doubt, Bru and Marcus’ personalities are reflected in their living space that could very well belong in The Selby. Judging by the look of their home, you can already imagine and make up stories about which of their furniture and knick-knacks may have come from thrift stores, which ones are hand-me-downs, and which ones are perhaps gifts or purchases from friends when they frequent their galleries and gigs.
Chad Asegurado and Sunshine Luz “Ayoko ng masyadong gloomy,” says flight attendant Sunshine Luz. Hence, when she asked her friend, design consultant Rizchell Araga, to help them spruce up the two-bedroom condo unit she shares with her partner Chad Asegurado and their nine-year-old son, she wanted it to be lively and full of colors, and at the same time, maximize space so they can accommodate visiting relatives.
With Chad being a contractor, they didn’t have a problem creating the custom-made pieces like Chad’s work desk at the living area, the wallpapered cabinet at the dining area, and the wardrobe at the master bedroom.

Meanwhile, a lot of the accessories are Sunshine’s picks from the different exotic places she visits when she flies out. Her favorite is the sun candy tray from Tunisia. “It’s very unique compared with my other accessories,” she says. While most of the corners in the unit burst with girl power, Rizchell injected some areas with neutral, masculine elements.
The floral couch, which the couple got at a discount, separates the living from the dining area.
The space is decorated with travel finds like the mini-Eiffel Tower that Sunshine bought in Paris. It is displayed along with her favorite books.
A wall is dedicated to photos of Sunshine and Chad’s son and their family trips. Aside from serving as the young family’s gallery, the frames also conceal the unit’s electrical panel board.
Rizchell placed Sunshine’s favorite color on the mirrored wall in the dining area. This cheery color also jives with Sunshine’s equally cheery personality.
Dark blue sheets help create a more relaxing vibe in the couple’s bedroom.

Kimi says: “Understandably, the place does not look lived-in yet because the family just moved in. It appears that Sunshine has a vision of what she wanted for her home; however it wasn’t entirely translated in the actual space. A color scheme that combined Sunshine’s preference for yellow as an accent color accompanied with an analogous color such as olive green may liven up the space in contrast to the black and dark stained furniture. Green may also suit the palette of the male members of the family. Cheerful and graphic wallpaper may also help bring in a ‘happy’ aesthetic.”

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