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9 Renovation Tips from an Interior Designer

Interior designer Jie Pambid reveals the 9 things you must do before and during a home makeover

Photography: Paolo Feliciano

Are you sick and tired of coming home to the same look every single night? Does your space seem drab, plain, and painfully boring? Maybe it's time for a renovation!

Before you start looking at paint swatches and knocking down walls, here are important reminders worth taking note of.

  • Identify the area that must be renovated

Many people are reluctant to take on a makeover because they think that there is a lot of work involved. While renovations can certainly be challenging, it can be so much easier if you start with one room first.

  • Make a list

Once you have chosen the area that you want to work on first, carefully evaluate the area and write down everything that you need to fix. This list will help give you a better idea of how much time and money you should set aside for the renovation.

  • Take a closer look

You should also examine the furniture, soft furnishings, decor, and other things in the chosen area. You should write down everything in the space and determine if it should be reupholstered, refurbished or reused in a different way. You should also consider donating other items that you no longer use or need. 

  • Be prepared for setbacks

Although you may choose one area first, you have to remember that renovating is like opening a can of worms! For example, you may think that you only have to repair your ceiling but you might realize that you need to fix the electrical wirings as well.

This is why you should also allot enough time and money to deal with delivery delays, termite infestations, and other renovating problems.

  • Set a deadline

As soon as you know what room you want to work on and what you need to change, you can think about your schedule. Think about the start and end dates for your renovation so that you will be more determined to follow your timeline. 

RL Tip: A simple renovation shouldn't take more than one month. If you take too long, you might feel restless and frustrated.

  • Set a budget

You must also think about how much you are able and willing to spend. Make sure that your funds are ready before the renovation and that you will only use the money that you already have. Don't be buried in a mountain of debt just because you want to have a better home!

  • Consult a professional

Even though your DIY skills may be excellent, you may want to consider the help of an interior designer, architect or contractor. They are often better equipped to handle the job and will help take some of the stress and the pressure off your shoulders.

Choose a capable and trustworthy professional and discuss the room to be renovated and the schedule and budget that you have. 

Click here to find design professionals and their previous projects.

  • Move out temporarily

If you are renovating more than one room, you will be constantly exposed to the dirt and the noise. You will also be witness to a string of workers like painters, carpenters, masons, plumbers, electricians going in and out of your house. These things will eventually drive you nuts! Leave the space and simply visit regularly. 

  • Be patient

While we are on the topic of visiting, you should think about not visiting everyday. Chances are, what you see today, you will still see tomorrow and you will be left with this nagging feeling that nothing is being done, nothing is changing, and nothing is improving. Schedule your visits regularly and on a weekly basis so that you can really appreciate the difference. 

Renovations do not happen overnight. They sometimes take so long that you feel like it is taking forever. However, if you stay positive and stick to your budget and schedule, the big reveal at the end will be truly worth it.

Click here to see more photos and view the full home tour.

Ready for your own makeover? Interior designer Jie Pambid may be reached through his design firm, J.P. Lake & Associates. J.P. Lake & Associates is located at Unit 6F, Tower A, Kingswood Condominium, Vito Cruz Extension, Makati City. You may call the office at (02) 822 0473.

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