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8 Pretty Storage Ideas For Your Bags and Shoes

Avoid clutter while maintaining your home’s overall theme and aesthetic

Photography: Paolo Feliciano and Vincent Coscolluela (Main Photos)

There’s no doubt that we all love to come home to a space that’s spotless and cozy. To be able to achieve a warm and inviting feel while keeping clutter at bay, we work with hooks, baskets, and bins to organize some of our essentials. While these are trusty must-haves that homeowners can always count on, you may be looking for ways on how to maintain order while still staying true to your home’s impeccable style.

Be inspired to up the ante of your storage with these nifty ideas we loved from some of the homes we’ve featured:

A walk-in closet is a homeowner's dream! If you love collecting shoes like celeb sisters Alex and Toni Gonzaga, you can trust shoe racks and organizers to solve your storage woes.

Look for a sleek, open rack where you can hang and display your heels. As an alternative, you can drop by Wilcon Depot to check out the pull-out shoe racks they have on stock. These can be properly concealed and won't ruin your room's look.

If you've worked with shelves and drawers, then you know that cabinets will always have your back when it comes to storing different bags and shoes. Take it a notch higher by giving your storage piece an upgrade! Paint it in a color that matches your interiors for a cohesive final look.

RL Tip: Cabinets with glass doors are ideal so you can easily see and get what you need.

Turn your shoe collection into instant decor by working transparent shoe boxes. In Anne Curtis's former home, her lovely pairs were stored neatly in a similar case that's kept in a spare bedroom. The said material blends well with any type of style and can even create a seamless look.

Do you often keep a few pairs by your door? Keep it neat and organized with the help of a pedestal. Look for wrought iron pieces or a vintage item that you can refurbish when you visit flea markets and thrift stores. Simply give it a fresh coat of paint and have fun putting your favorite shoes on display.

Hooks are our best bets when it comes to storing scarves, belts, and even bags! Hit two birds with one stone by sprucing up a plain wall with lovely hooks that can serve as decor while holding your precious bags. These flower hooks from Lucina Home would look good in a bedroom. If you're looking for other options, shapes, and sizes, Wilcon Depot has a wide array of pieces you can choose from.

An unexpected touch can serve as a focal point in a space while helping you keep your shoes and bags in place. In an Asian-inspired condo home, the owner upcycled an old antique filing cabinet into a beautiful storage piece for his shoes. It takes up one wall and completes the theme of the entire unit.

RL Tip: Looking for an alternative? HMR has lockers you can use to store some of your belongings. It can even serve as your closet! HMR is located along Pioneer Street, Mandaluyong City.

If you love working with glass cabinets, make the most of the space you have for storing your favorite things by having a customized piece instead. Consult with a professional, a contractor, or even a furniture store if you can have a cabinet with built-in open shelves—similar to what Anne Curtis has in her Makati condo. A two-in-one storage must-have can help you keep your shoes and bags all in one place.

A little DIY can go a long way, too! If you love experimenting with different materials, take your cue from this rustic-inspired condo home. In the foyer, a wooden plank was turned into instant bag storage. How is this possible? The design team attached three door knobs to the plank before putting it up on the wall. Since each knob is sturdy enough, it can hold handbags, shoulder bags, and even your favorite knapsack.

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