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7 Things to Do Daily—Inspired by the KonMari Method

Cultivate these habits to achieve a happy and organized home


Author and cleaning consultant Marie Kondo says that if you follow her method correctly, it will change your life. Here are a few changes that you can do on a day-to-day basis, as inspired by the KonMari Method.

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Spend some quiet time with yourself in the A.M. 

Kondo mentions that when discarding items, you carve out a quiet pocket of time for you to fully focus on the task. Get the same focus and Zen feeling by staying still and taking a few deep breaths as soon as you wake up. Make that your time to “discard” any residue of the bad stuff that happened yesterday, and to get all excited and happy about today. 

Photo from Eclectically Vintage.

Jump out of bed and fix it, right now! 

Fold, fluff, and smoothen until your bed looks as pristine as before it was slept in. Making your bed sends a signal to your brain that it’s time to start your day, and shows that you’re grateful for your bed because you’re taking care of it. Kondo believes that when you appreciate your things, they’ll take care of you, too. Another plus point? Seeing a well-made bed will stop you from wanting to lie down again.

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Plan your day according to your secret private space.

Kondo says that oftentimes, clients have a certain space or storage area that they don’t want anyone to see. It usually contains things of a client’s “pipe dream,” or an interest or hobby that others might think are silly. She says that if you’re not comfortable with showing off your dream to the world yet, create a “private space” at the back of your closet door for you to look at everyday—think of it as a dream board, or your bucket list. Align your day with your dream board so that you’ll feel like you’re inching your way towards achieving all you want to be in life. 

Photo from Just Short of Crazy.

Put that thing back in its home ASAP.

Storing like items together and in just one place is one of the biggest lessons I've learned from the KonMari Method. I was horrified to find hair ties, toys, food, and books scattered all over the place. Kondo says that— “The essence of effective storage is this: designate a spot for every last thing you own… without a designated spot, where are you going to put things when you finish using them? Once you choose a place for your things, you can keep your house in order.”

Apparently, it is as easy as she promised it would be. As soon as I had a designated spot for everything, it was as simple as putting it back where I found it. What takes a bit longer than the rest is hanging and storing clothes back inside the closet. My wardrobe changes have happened far less as well since most of the items that I've been left with "spark joy." I'm more often than not, happy with what I'm wearing by the first outfit.

Photo from Decoist.

Say “Hello, I’m home!” to your space as soon as you get home.

Kondo says that if you continuously greet your house as soon as you walk through the door, “you will start to feel your house respond when you come home… you will gradually be able to feel where it would like you to tidy and where it would like you to put things.” Don’t knock it 'til you’ve tried it—just like how you’ll be able to find the “sweet spot” when folding your clothes, doing this greeting will help you be attuned to how your house wants to be treated. 

Photo from Copy Catchic.

Find one item that no longer sparks joy.

I’ve noticed that some people like me can wear the same thing everyday—same accessories, bag, and shoes. It gives me hope that I can probably subsist on a wardrobe filled with “essentials," meaning, I can do with a lot less. I test that theory by finding one thing that no longer sparks joy, and adding it to the discard pile. It has worked so far, and my space becomes more and more relaxing to live in.

Photo from Planete Deco.

Give your home one last look and give it a big “thank you!” before heading to bed.

Kondo says that after following the method, you won’t need to tidy up anymore. I’ve found that I tidy much less nowadays, because I have fewer things to fix, and I instantly know where everything should go.

Before calling it a day, scan your space for any misplaced items, and bring them back home—each item deserves to rest, just like you. And before lights out, say a mental “thank you” to everything you used that day, and to your home, for all their hard work. It shows that you’re grateful for what you have and appreciate every single thing—making your home a light, positive, and happy place to live in.

Photo from Decoholic.

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