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7 Affordable Must-Haves to Organize Your Beauty Drawer

Give your vanity a mid-year clean-out with these essentials

Photography: Dairy Darilag and Michael Angelo Chua (Main Photos)

Whether you're organizing the bathroom, the bedroom, or even the kitchen—tiny organizers and cute containers can help you do it in a snap and keep the space efficient. 

If you have a corner dedicated to accessories and makeup, a few knickknacks can help keep it spotless as well. Make your primping time a breeze with these must-haves that keep clutter at bay:

1. Acrylic storage units

Clean and clear is the way to go when it comes to all the little bits you acquire in your beauty drawer. With a plethora of choices (three-drawer storage units, lipstick holders, massive catchalls, etc.), it’s practically guaranteed that every tube of lipstick, free BB cream sample, or mascara curler will find its proper place.

Go on an all out splurge with MUJI’s durable acrylic system or opt for a less expensive option—whatever fits your budget, going the clear container route will help you sort out where everything is without a second thought.

Plastic Drawers, P995, Muji

2. Repurposed candleholders

You don’t need to invest in a professional brush roll or a Transformers-style carrying case for your makeup tools. If you’re in for some low key DIY work, you don’t even have to spend a dime to house your brush collection properly.

Store your almost-empty candle containers overnight in the freezer and you’ll find it easy to pop out any leftover wax the next morning. Give your containers a good rinse, scrub out any leftover glue or sticky paper and you’ve got a quick way to keep your brushes dry, upright and easy to reach.

Kasmir White Candle Holder, P999.75 (tall), P649.75 (small), Our Home

3. Utensil organizers

Sift through your unopened wedding registry loot for some utensil organizers and relegate them to your vanity instead of the kitchen. These holders slip easily into your drawers without taking much space and are perfect for storing thin, cylindrical tools. Think lip pencils, eyebrow pencils, liquid eyeliner, spare cotton swabs, and even bobby pins (never lose them again!).

RL Tip: Do you love collecting sunglasses, too? Showcase your favorites and use these as part of your decor. Use an extra utensil organizer to display your picks.

Find utensil organizers at The Landmark, 6751 Makati Avenue, Ayala Center, Makati City 

4. Tissue box

No vanity is ever complete without a box of on-hand tissue… and who says you have to stick to whatever cardboard box your grocery-bought supplies come in? Snap up a more permanent home for your facial tissues and give your vanity a sophisticated upgrade. Amping up your décor just a notch can do wonders for your mood when you’re sitting in front of the mirror.

Tissue Dispenser, P950, True Value

5. Pin board

Sure, the world has gone digital—everything from visual pegs to your favorite Instagram looks can be archived and collected on your smartphone. There is still a lot to be said, however, for the straightforward inspo a tangible, visual board can offer.

Do up your mirror with some inspirational stickers (print your favorite looks on sticker paper and slap them onto your glass surface) or go old school and put up a letter sized corkboard or white board on your table surface so recreating your favorite looks on your face becomes a better experience.

Find pin boards or a corkboard at National Book Store.

6. Stylish bins

Everyone has a stack of cheap plastic bins from the grocery—they’re the quick and dirty go-to when we’ve got collections we need to hide from plain view. While they do a lot for you functionally, it’s certainly possible to keep your hairdryer, curling iron and heat styling tools dust-free and waterproof in a much more stylish way.

Consider heading to the local secondhand store for a repurposed library’s card catalog shelf to fit your odd-sized items, or why not search your office’s backrooms for a metal filing cabinet that you can reuse to fit an industrial-themed bedroom instead?

Green Woven Bin, P229.75, SM Home

7. Garbage bin

A must-have in every room and an important element that helps you nix all the expired makeup that’s taking space in your vanity. Save yourself the trouble of walking from one side of the room to the next to clean up your space and have a dedicated bin just for your vanity. Pretty things up with a lined wicker-style basket or keep things safely sealed with a stainless step wastebasket.

Woodrow Waste Can, P1,499.75, Our Home

PHOTOS: Kurt Alvarez/ACME Visual Productions (products) | Michael Angelo Chua | Louie Aguinaldo (organizer with sunglasses) | Jun Pinzon (Pin board)

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