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Easy Decor Pieces You Can Create Using Popsicle Sticks

Here's a fun way to beat the heat

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Perhaps one of the best things about summer is consuming cold treats that help us get through hot days. If you love popsicles, you may want to explore an idea or two involving sticks! Just like toilet paper rolls and old jars, popsicle sticks can be turned into charming decor pieces for your space. There are budget-friendly ideas that you can work on over the weekend. Check them out below:


Combine new popsicle sticks with old ones to create this project. Once you've cleaned each thoroughly, set them aside and get started. Look for pegs online and print your desired shape and pattern. Use this as guide as you slowly stack the sticks to form the shape. Continue to add and layer more sticks until the shelf is as deep as you intend it to be—use a strong adhesive to glue the stack together. Once the glue has dried, you can paint it in a color that matches your decor. You can also keep it as is for a rustic-inspired look. Use your finished project to display small decor pieces and even to frame wall art.

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Sunburst Mirror

Got an old round mirror that has seen better days? Give it an upgrade using popsicle sticks that would serve as the sun's rays. Using a glue gun, layer the sticks at the back of the mirror until the surface is filled. Play with the lengths and position of the sticks to create captivating rays. 

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Desk Organizer

Craft boxes and pen holders using the sticks you have at home. Gather the sticks and create a box with the help of a glue gun. Create boxes and different sizes to hold pens, clips, and other supplies. Once done, you can paint your finished project or decorate it with stickers.

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Dining Table Decor

Table Runner

Give your favorite table runner a rest and work on a quirky decor that can liven up your dining table. Using your sticks and a glue gun, create a crisscross pattern—with the sticks overlapping. Make sure it remains flat by securing it with hot glue. Keep on adding sticks until you reach your desired size. Complete your vignette with glass jars filled with chocolates, a candle, and two potted plants.

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