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6 Ways to Incorporate Sustainable Living At Home

You can't go wrong with going green!


Who doesn't want to help save Mother Earth? A lot of homeowners nowadays are becoming aware of climate change and its adverse effects, that’s probably why more and more people are transitioning to sustainable living. It aims to reduce one’s use of both environmental and personal resources; a lifestyle that targets to minimize the carbon footprint of a person. There are many things you can do to start living sustainably—here are some small steps you can start with at home to help preserve the environment:

1. Choose organic. 

Companies that produce food on a mass level have very high carbon emissions—from the production down right to the transportation; so try to eat more organic foods or alternatively, you can also start growing your own food. This also applies to other products we use daily, from cleaning products to your personal care; opt for items made with non-toxic and natural ingredients. When you go organic you’re not only helping the environment; you’re also improving your health.

2. Be conscious about labels. 

When shopping, always take the time to read labels. Check if the products are cruelty-free or if the production did not endanger any animals. Opt for items that did not go through animal testing and choose products that are Fair Trade certified—meaning that laborers are paid a fair wage and the item went through sustainable production.

3. Practice the 3Rs. 

The 3 R’s—reduce, reuse, and recycle—have been taught to us ever since we were kids. Reduce buying things over and over and be a smart shopper; always opt for the ones with the best quality and remember to bring your reusable or canvas bags when going out. The less disposable items you purchase, the less waste will go to landfills. 

4. Implement proper waste management at home. 

Following the 3 R’s will be easy if you separate the biodegradables, non-biodegradables, and recyclables from each other. You can reuse or repurpose the non-biodegradables; donate the recyclables to recycling centers so they can have a new purpose, and make organic fertilizer with the biodegradables. 

5. Use water wisely.

There are tons of ways to use water wisely! Use two basins when washing the dishes—fill one with soapy water and the other one with clean water for rinsing. Reuse the water for rinsing to water the plants, reuse laundry water to clean your car, and don't forget to turn off the faucets and showerheads when not in use. Remember to fix leaking pipes immediately. You can also use alternative water systems like grey water or a cistern.

6. Conserve energy as much as you can.

Save on cash and help save the planet by turning off appliances and gadgets when these are not in use. It helps to unplug any device when you're not using it or when it's already fully charged as well. Instead of using traditional light bulbs, opt for LED bulbs that are more energy-efficient, or you can even go with a skylight and make use of the sun’s natural light! Lastly, find a new hobby that will keep you entertained without having to use a device or be connected to the Internet. Consider working on DIY projects, crafty pieces, and handmade accessories.

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