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6 Styling Tips for Rented Spaces

Personalize your rented home or apartment with the help of these ideas


Living in a rented space may leave you with limited options when it comes to decorating and personalizing the home. However, you need not do anything drastic just to give your space a personal touch! Interior designer Peaches de Guzman-Grey shares these helpful tips to make your rented home a reflection of your personality. No need to worry, no major renovations are involved!

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Choose movable furniture

Opt for freestanding or movable furniture as this makes moving out easier. This helps you save money, too. If your parents have a lot of furniture pieces, you may also them if you can borrow some that you can use in your space. Simply update the look of the pieces by painting or reupholstering it.

“Invest on furniture and accessories that you love and will love foreverpieces that you can bring with you no matter where you live,” Peaches shares.

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Focus on accessorizing

Since you can’t conduct any major renovations, why not focus on picking the right accessories for your place instead? Make your rented space look bigger and brighter by using pillows or cushions in light colors and adding reflective surfaces such as mirrors.

Small changes can make a huge difference, too! Peaches suggests changing your kitchen cabinet and drawer pulls to create an impact. "Make sure you keep the old ones and swap them back before moving out," she adds.

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Use removable wall decals

Walls decals can instantly spruce up a wall minus the drilling and painting efforts! All you have to do is peel and stick. Feel free to experiment and personalize these stickers so you can turn your walls into your very own works of art. Click here for more tips about wall decals.

RL Tip: “You may also install removable padded walls on your headboard for an interesting focal point,” Peaches suggests.

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Choose stylish dividers

If you need extra storage for your rented space, try adding a free standing divider that can separate a corner from the rest of your home. Hide boxes and rarely used items behind the area.

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Add textures

Always remember that texture plays a big role when decorating a space. Peaches suggests adding textured rugs, throws, throw pillows, heavy drapes, and sheer curtains to make a room cozier. If you don’t like the tiles on your floor, conceal it with an area rug.

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Display plants

Plants can instantly upgrade your space! Aside from brightening your home, it also recharges and improves the air circulation inside. Try decorating your room with succulents and place them inside pretty planters! Click here for tips on taking care of succulents.

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