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6 Philippine Destinations To Visit For Design Inspiration

When it comes to learning about arts and culture, there is no place like home

Photography: @allaboutescolta and @lascasasfilipinasdeacuzar via Instagram (Main Photo)

People say beautiful places inspire beautiful art and we think so, too. Aside from paintings and music, stunning scenery can also spark your creativity for dressing up your home. In this feature, we take a look at spots around Manila and our country that is bursting with interior inspo. Take a drive to these destinations this weekend and get ready to take down some notes: 

1. Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar, Bagac, Bataan

Do you want to travel through time and marvel at Philippine architecture? Preserved from the Spanish era, Las Casas may as well be the new home for reconstructed heritage houses. This is the perfect place to go to if you are in need of a close-to-reality reference of a traditional wooden house from the regal yesteryear. 

2. Escolta, Manila

For those who are looking for art nouveau inspiration, head on to the cultural hub that is Escolta. As you enter this part of town, you will easily spot the BPI building which retained its majestic Art Deco columns. When you turn to your right, you will see the First United Building that is now home to artist group 98B and Fred's Revolucion while further down is the Calvo Museum and the El Hogar Building. 

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3. Mt. Malasimbo, Mindoro

Mount Malasimbo in known for its rad parties once March rolls around, but sadly, some folks are quick to forget that this is also an art-filled affair. The Malasimbo festival organizers invite a new set of artists from all over the world to share installation art in site-specific areas within the Malasimbo grounds. Make it a point to visit the concert grounds a few hours before sunset to get a good shot of the installations. Some are also made to be viewed at night like Olivia D’aboville’s dandelion lanterns! 

RL Tip: Lodging is hard to find during Malasimbo Festival season so it's best to book as early as January. Festival tickets are cheaper months ahead of the festival as well.

4. Kublai Art Garden; Kapatagan, Digos, Davao del Sur

This stunning garden combines art and culture set against the view of the mountains, making it an inviting space for contemplation. It is designed by one of Mindanao's most prolific artists Kublai Milan, the genius behind the huge Durian sculpture in front of the Davao International Airport. There are three things of interest here: the view of Mt. Apo, the giant sculptures that tell of the story of the Bagobo tribe and lastly, the Agong House where Kublai stays whenever he is in Digos.

5. Iloilo River Esplanade, Iloilo City

Apart from heritage mansions sprawled around the city, one of the most photogenic spots in Iloilo is the Iloilo River Esplanade—a great place for sunset strolls and bonding with your family. The only thing missing now is a glass of red wine and you might already forget that you're in the Philippines. 

RL Tip: There are less people at the Smallvile 21 side of the Esplanade. This side is lined with restaurants with a view of the river. 

6. Balesin Resorts, Quezon

A favorite spot for celebrity weddings and lavish events, this resort has eight differently themed areas that rekindle a globetrotter’s out-of-town experience in one island. Two of the most photographed spots in Balesin is Mykonos that recreates the look of Greek houses and St. Tropez that is made to give a French Riviera vibe.

RL Tip: This is a member exclusive venue. If a friend ever invites you don't think twice about passing up on the opportunity. 

PHOTOS: @allaboutescolta and @lascasasfilipinasdeacuzar via Instagram (Main) | Malasimbo Music & Arts Festival via Facebook | Kublai Millan via Facebook | Iloilo River Esplanade via Facebook |

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