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6 Budget-Friendly Christmas Decorating Tips from the Pros

Liven up the home with a few DIY touches and clever creative solutions


Prepping the home for the holidays has become part of our Christmas traditions. Whether you're going for the classic red and green combo or experimenting with touches of white and blue, we go all out in terms of decor—making sure that each area in the house has a distinct joyful vibe.

However, much as we'd like to invest in expensive pieces and accessories, most of us would rather allocate a bigger budget for food that the whole family can share and enjoy. We often end up with simpler decor that still add warmth to the house. Luckily, there are a few easy ways to style the home without spending much. Let these tips from interior designers guide you: 

Main photos from: Make It & Love It and Simply + Kierste.

Be resourceful

"It's an old trick of the trade but dried twigs with its branches is a budget-friendly way to bring decor into the home. Bring it further by painting them in white, silver, or even black. The twigs can be placed on large vases or suspended from the ceiling. Reuse your Christmas balls, cones, and glittered decor on the twigs. If you have young children in the family, you can have them draw Christmas motifs or color printouts for a personalized touch." — Interior designer Kimi Manuel

Want to learn how to create a DIY tree for your space? Check out our last tip!

Photo from Le Journal Des Femmes.

Decorate with purpose

"Get items that serve a purpose like oven mitts, hand towels, throw pillows, foot rugs, red and green flowers, and table runners. These extra set of items will have dual purpose and not just decor that's lovely to look at." — Interior designer Kat Villanueva-Lopez

Photo from CottagePixie via Etsy.

Ditch the prints

Kat also suggests that you can opt for plain items — like fabrics and ribbons — rather than those with Yuletide prints. This can help you save money since you can use for other occasions, not just for the holidays. A gold tablecloth can also be used during formal dinners while green pillows are ideal for birthday parties.

Photo from Simply + Kierste.

Go big

"I personally go for bigger ornaments when adorning Christmas trees, wreaths, or garlands. They cover more area and create bigger visual impact for less quantity." — Interior designer Kat Villanueva-Lopez

Photo from The Homeless Finch.

Invest in your Christmas Tree

"Get a good quality tree that will last for a few years. Be creative with the decor if you want improvements each year." — Interior designers Pai Edles and Misty Floro of Morfosis

RL Tip: If you are the type who changes the theme of the tree every year, you can allocate your budget for trimmings and accessories that are simple and not that pricey. Plastic ornaments and paper decor are options that you can look into.

Photo from Make It & Love It.

Don't be afraid to try DIY

"Have loads of fun creating a DIY Christmas tree that is both space-saving and budget-friendly using decorative glittered leaves that you can find in department stores." — Interior designer Anla Li-Tan

Anla shares these easy steps:

  1. Layout the leaves flat on the floor with the branches pointed in the middle and the leaves spread out to form an isosceles triangle like a tree. A medium-sized tree will beed 12 glittered leaves but the quantity will vary depending on the size of the tree that you have in mind.
  2. Securely tie, tape, or glue the leaf braches in the middle together.
  3. Adorn the leaves with ornaments and LED Christmas lights like how you would decorate an actual tree.
  4. Hang the DIY tree on a plain wall—you can use a glue gun, gun tacker, thumbtacks, or double-sided tape—depending on the type of wall surface that you have.
  5. Secure a star or a reindeer decor to the top of your DIY tree.

Photo from The Style Files.

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