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5 Things We Learned from Celebrity Kitchens

You can update your cooking space with the right mix of patterns and colors

Photography: Mike Dee and Joseph Pascual (Main Photos)

It might come as a surprise to some, but a number of celebrities that we follow and admire love to spend time in the kitchen to whip up meals for their loved ones too. Since they are rarely at home, a few hours in the kitchen and the satisfied smiles of family and friends are more than enough to make up for time spent apart.

If you also have a soft spot for your cooking corner and would love to invest in an upgrade, here are five spaces and ideas that we can learn from each. Hopefully, after you’ve devoured the last idea, you’ll have a clear picture of what you want to achieve for your space:

Choose an open layout

Maja Salvador's kitchen is situated near the dining area with only the island separating the two spaces. If you also have a limited area to work with, you can choose a similar layout so that you can still entertain guests even while cooking. 

The kitchen also features a neutral palette of black-and-gray that gives the space a streamlined look. Consider working with neutrals to open up the space and keep it from looking messy and cramped.

Photos by Joseph Pascual | Click here to see more photos.

Maximize vertical space

Given the compact space, smart storage solutions are needed in Max Collins's kitchen. To maintain order while still keeping the area presentable and beautiful, wall-mounted cabinets and open shelves were utilized.

If you're worried that your cabinets are overflowing with plates, pans, and utensils—don't be! You can always add shelves for decor and fine China. This helps you organize your essentials while turning a few pieces into decor. For those who'd prefer to have hanging cabinets instead, you can choose display cabinets so you can easily see and get what you need.

Photo by Joseph Pascual | Click here to see more photos.

Curate your collection

Aside from serving as the special place where she prepares meals for her husband and kids, Danica Sotto Pingris's kitchen is also the part of the house where she keeps her collection of colorful knickknacks—mugs, books, tea sets, and coffee sets.

Do you also love collecting limited edition mugs and pretty dinnerware? Don't just let them gather dust inside your cupboards! See if you can install a shelf by your countertop and use it to display plates and glasses. When it comes to cabinets, you can follow Danica's lead and work with pieces with glass doors or you can also experiment with an unexpected item. How about a Vintage piece from a secondhand shop? You can have it refurbished or you can retain a slightly distressed finish for a rustic touch.

Photo by Cyrus Panganiban | Click here to see more photos.

Maximize one wall

Many condo homes have limited and narrow kitchens that make it hard for owners to move around and get things done efficiently. While Korina Sanchez-Roxas's cooking corner is an exception, it can still serve as a peg! It cleverly maximizes the entire wall, giving the owner enough room to prepare ingredients and the needed utensils.

Depending on your floor area, choose a layout that works best. If you prefer a one-wall layout similar to Korina's, you can begin by placing all work centers—sink, stove, and refrigerator on one counter. Remember to leave some space in between so that you can still have counter space where you can do other tasks.

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Photo by Mike Dee | Click here to see more photos.

Add bold prints and patterns

More often that not, kitchens are often left clean and bare. While this is a good option, it might leave you with a plain space that lacks character and personality. Grace Lee's bold-patterned kitchen and dining areas show us that it's also possible to work with patterns to liven up a space.

Ready to give your kitchen a boost? Think of patterns and prints that won't clash with your color scheme and existing furniture pieces. If there are too many patterns in the space already, consider working within the same color palette—similar to what Grace did. The stripes on the chair didn't clash with the prints on the wall because both feature earth tones. 

RL Tip: Not yet sure if you can pull off this look? Start with baby steps! Decorate your cabinets with cute patterns using washi tape and take it from there.

Photo by Cholo dela Vega | Click here to see more photos.

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