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5 Things to Love About Venus Raj’s Inviting Home in the Province

Just the sight of the lush landscape can brighten up one’s day

Photography: Jervy Santiago

The beauty queen’s relaxing tropical home in Bato, Camarines Sur proves that less is definitely more. With a few well-selected pieces and wide open spaces, it’s the perfect place where she can remove her high heels, relax, and enjoy some downtime with friends and loved ones.

While Venus admits that there’s still a lot to be done to complete the space, she’s more than happy with how her dream home is slowly turning into reality. If you are planning to build a second home in the province or if you’re simply looking for ideas for your own tropical-inspired haven, here are some of the things that we loved and admired in this bungalow:

The open living area

Since many of us entertain guests in the living area, it’s best to keep it spic-and-span so everyone can move around freely. In Venus’s space, the living area flows freely to the veranda and dining area—keeping it maaliwalas.

To create the same vibe at home, limit the number of furniture that you have and stick to the basics. Invest in a sofa, a storage ottoman, and a side table. Work on a layout that’s suitable to your space too.

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The spacious kitchen

Some may think that the beauty queen's kitchen is too bare but we think otherwise. It has the elements of an efficient space—sufficient lighting, a space that allows you to work and move around with ease, an extra prep area, and lots of storage. According to Venus, she chose to keep things simple and have a big kitchen given the fiestas often held in provinces.

For your own cooking corner, remember that it’s best to invest in storage must-haves such as cabinets, shelves, and bins. If you have an organized kitchen, you can work on tasks faster, giving you more free time for other tasks and hobbies.

The relaxing bedroom

Venus’s private space shows that you don’t have to go over the top when decorating the bedroom. Since it’s a place for rest and relaxation, it needs to be free from things that can distract you or stop you from enjoying a good night’s sleep.

If you also choose to keep a simple space, remember that it would be easier for you to add décor and spruce it up should you decide to change its look since you don't have to rid it of extra items and accessories. Make sure you have all the essential pieces for the bedroom such as a sturdy bed frame, a quality mattress, and a side table.

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The veranda

Where else can you feel relaxed and at home? A veranda is the perfect spot where you can embrace the outdoors, enjoy the breeze, and marvel at the wonders of life. Venus’s veranda gives her a view of rice fields across her property, a view that she wouldn’t exchange for anything else.

If you want to create your own relaxing nook at home, you can transform your balcony or an unused corner in your bedroom or living area. Declutter the space and furnish it with comfy seating pieces and fluffy pillows. Personalize it with the things you love, and of course, don’t shy away from adding blooms and potted herbs.

The wonderful view of the outdoors

What makes life in the province exceptional? If you ask me, it’s the fact that you get to wake up to a mesmerizing view of rice fields and towering trees. Of course, nothing beats the feeling of fresh air filling your lungs, too. Venus gets to enjoy these benefits given the strategic location of her home.

If you are in the city and you would like to experience something similar, consider having a small garden that can help freshen up your space. If you’ve always loved a view, maximize your windows and choose light-colored or sheer curtains that let you peek into the world outside while still maintaining privacy.

Click here to see more photos of Venus's tropical bungalow.

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