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5 Things to Love About Anne Curtis’s Rustic-Inspired Condo

Take a quick tour of the busy actress’ Makati haven


When we first featured Anne’s charming home sweet home, one would be instantly reminded of a fairy tale or a little girl’s favorite dollhouse. Classic details and dainty colors complete the space’s timeless style, with the dining area, master bedroom, and bathroom as some of our favorite areas. After years of living in this sanctuary, it was time for the TV and movie personality to turn the page and live conveniently in a location that’s more accessible to her various commitments.

Anne now resides in a roomy Makati condo unit filled with rustic details and vintage touches. Designed by Heim Interiors, it has the same feminine appeal seen in her previous home, accentuated by comfy furnishings and wooden elements. We can only imagine the joy she feels each time she comes home to this welcoming space! Here are some of the things that we loved best about her cozy spot in the city and how you can achieve something similar:

The Inviting Bedroom With Rustic and Vintage Elements

Who wouldn't love to have a similar four-poster bed? Set against a brick wall, the bed is the focal piece in the area with its wooden finish and classic headboard. The overall feel brings you back to yesteryear, with the matching table lamps giving it a bit of a modern touch.

An artwork featuring the homeowner hangs on one side of the wall, while an elegant chandelier finishes off the look.

RL Tip: To recreate the feel of Anne's bedroom, invest in a sturdy bed or spruce up your current piece with a DIY canopy. If you're one of the many who'd love to have brick walls at home, you may want to consider using wallpaper first as this option costs less and would enable you to change the look in the future should you decide to revamp your room.

Anne's fluffy furry baby Mogwai also loves to lounge and rest on the bed! Create a hotel-like feel in your own sleeping space by getting quality sheets, adding a few scented candles, and decorating the room with luxe and sophisticated accessories.

The Neat and Organized Bookshelf

If you scroll through Anne's Instagram feed, you'll surely stumble upon a couple of snapshots featuring her current reads and favorites. To keep her collection in place and her books in mint condition, a white bookshelf covers one wall—giving the actress enough space to add more reads and spruce it up with a couple of knickknacks. We especially love how it has a mini ladder—making the topmost shelf accessible.

RL Tip: When it comes to adding a shelf to your space, make sure you have enough room to add a freestanding piece. If you have a compact area to work with, you can always install floating and wall-mounted shelves to keep your essentials in place. Those who have spare copies can even turn their books into delightful pieces of decor!

The Inviting Entertainment Area

Aside from the bright and airy living area, we can imagine the actress spending quality time with her friends and siblings in this cozy nook. It's the perfect place for a viewing party or movie night featuring her favorite flicks. The shelves and cabinets help keep the area clean and organized.

RL Tip: If you're in the process of improving your living area, den, or entertainment room—remember to prioritize storage and comfort. Consider having an area rug and a set of floor pillows perfect for overnights. Your cabinets should also be kept spic-and-span so you can easily see and get the DVD that you need and other belongings. A floating shelf can be turned into instant decor when you spruce it up with CDs of your favorite movies!

The Enchanting Dining Area

The dining area features mismatched chairs and copper chrome lights that add to the whimsical feel of the space. To complete the wonderland-like appeal, a sturdy wooden table that can accommodate friends and guests is decorated with blooms and greens in different glass containers.

RL Tip: To achieve a rustic-inspired dining area, you may choose to have different chairs with a distressed finish or seating pieces painted in various hues. The easiest way to give the dining nook would be to have a catchy centerpiece—you can use an old mirror or a burlap table runner.

The Well-Curated Bedside Table

Since Anne loves to read, she keeps a couple of her books neatly lined up on her side table. It perfectly matches tha dainty alarm clock, elegant table lamp, and fresh blooms from her mon amour Erwan Heussaff.

RL Tip: An organized and beautiful side table can make the bedroom even more relaxing and conducive to a well-deserved slumber. Keep yours pretty by limiting the items that you have or by having catchalls to hold your belongings in place. You may also choose to have a vignette to brighten up the corner.

All photos courtesy of @annecurtissmith and @heiminteriors (Instagram). To learn more about Heim Interiors and their projects, visit

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