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5 Things To Eliminate From Your Garage Immediately

Clear clutter in 5 minutes or less!

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Whether you admit it or not, the garage is most likely the messiest part of your home. Aside from being a space to park cars, chances are, we use it as a place to stash away seasonal items or junk as guests don’t really explore this spot. While that may be true, don't you think it's time to transform it into a clean and functional space, too?

 To help you achieve a strong start, get rid of these items immediately: 

1. Broken tools

If you have tools with loose handles, missing parts or screws, throw them out as soon as possible. Not only do these add up to clutter, they might cause accidents if you use them for certain projects as well.

2. Old sports equipment

This means broken treadmills collecting dust, punching bags with holes, deflated basketballs or ripped rings. If you have a collection of things you've been meaning to have repaired but never do, it's best to let these go.

3. Collectibles

There's nothing wrong with having a quirky and interesting collection, but be wary of becoming a hoarder. Make sure you're only keeping things that are valuable or could possibly appreciate in the future. 

4. Obsolete gadgets

Don't hold on to electronics that will only take up space and sit unused on your shelves. Gather old VCRs, computers or phones with antennas and dispose of them at junk shops or places where they accept tech trash. 

5. Decade-old furniture

Same goes for furniture, too. Unless you are going for a retro look, it's time to donate pieces that have gone out of style or you've never fallen in love with in the first place. 

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