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5 Quick Feng Shui Fixes and Charms

Learn what Feng Shui tools and solutions can be used for common domestic woes

Original Article: Kathleen Valle Photography: Miguel Nacianceno & Dairy Darilag

Have you ever had a spate of bad luck in a couple of months, or just felt slightly off-kilter? It couldn’t simply be an awful streak—you might be suffering from bad chi (energy or life force).

The basic goal of Feng Shui is to harness the power of chi (for more info on how Feng Shui works, click here) and make it flow properly into a space to benefit the people living in it. It’s best to get a full consultation from a Feng Shui expert, but there are a lot of charms and practices that could offer solutions to nagging everyday problems.  

Get a head start this New Year. Here are some Feng Shui tools and tricks for specific problems. 

Money problems

Consider putting a wealth ship filled with ingots or coins in your home office. Also, to avoid frequent work-related arguments, place six crystal balls on the center of a meeting table of your office for a smooth relationship among your colleagues.

Burglars and unwanted guests

Aside from the usual security precautions, place a pair of Foo dogs—which bear resemblance to old Chinese guardian lions—by your main entrance to guard against unwanted “guests” with bad intentions. These miniature Foo dogs are from L’indochine.

Hardheaded kids or house help

It helps to have a Ru Yi, a scepter that is a sign of power and authority. You may also try adding a lotus crystal in the center of the living room. You can get a Ru Yi and other Feng Shui charms at World of Feng Shui.

Wilting romance

Husband and wife can expect a spark in their romance if a fresh or artificial peony bloom (even a painting or photo of a peony will do) is present in the southwest corner of the bedroom. The single man or woman who’s looking for love may cop this tip as well. The peony can also be put in the southwest corner of the living room. This artificial peony bunch is from Crate & Barrel. 

Elusive luck in general

Invite luck into your abode or office by placing a real or synthetic orange tree in the entryway or dining area. In the main door, you might also want to have a water feature (mini water-falls or an aquarium with an arowana fish in it) facing indoors.

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