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6 Paint and Color Ideas for Condo Units

Have fun with patterns and mixing shades

Photography: Ocs Alvarez/ACME Visual Productions

Choosing colors for a small unit is both fun and challenging. While you can go bold and experiment with shades that are unusual choices for compact spaces, you can’t help but have thoughts on whether it can brighten up your home or make it look cramped.

To inspire you to step out of your comfort zone, here are interesting ideas we’ve spotted in a couple of condo units. These color ideas may come in handy—whether you’re working on a bedroom or a living area:

1. Use painter's tape.

Available in stores like True Value, Handyman, and other hardware stores, painter's tape can help you create fun patterns on your walls. This bedroom used to be a plain white space. To give it a twist, interior designer Kristine Neri-Magturo worked with tape and Boysen's Imperial Force paint to achieve the art-deco inspired patterns.

DO IT: Get started by cleaning the walls you intend to paint. Once it's dry, create a pattern using the painter's tape—you can begin with horizontal lines, chevron patterns, and even something similar to what Kristine did. Make sure that the tape is secure as these are the areas that would make or break your pattern. Paint your walls with your chosen color and leave it to dry completely. After a day or so, peel off the tape and admire your work.

2. Work with a monochromatic scheme.

Some may think that neutrals are dull but it can give a sophisticated and calming vibe to any room. To spruce up this master bedroom, interior designer Carlo Mecate played with different shades of gray. He considers using neutrals as a safe ground. "They soothe the senses and blend well with almost everything—creating a space that breathes. [They also] do not make a small room too confining," he explains.

To keep neutrals from becoming dull, Carlo worked with metallic colors like gold and silver. Instead of stenciling with paint, he used sparkling gold washi tape to liven up the wall above the bed. It worked well with the lamps and framed mirrors in the room.

RL Tip: Love the colors in this room? Use it in your space! Check out Boysen's Grayson Borough and Abstract Solace.

3. Make it timeless.

Working on a small bedroom for your kids? If it's the same room they'll occupy even in their teens, you can never go wrong with basic off-white. Carlo chose this to complete this bedroom to create a timeless look that kids won't outgrow. Off-white can also help you accessorize in other colors like green, brown, and other earthy tones.

4. Use paint to add unexpected details.

Notice something special in this bedroom? Architect Angelo Siochi worked with Boysen's Tulle White, Winter Morning, and Abstract Solace to transform this private space into an elegant bedroom for a well-traveled owner.

Look up and see the interesting ribbon patterns that Angelo added to define the space. You can also do the same in your bedroom to create an illusion of a recessed ceiling.

5. Make a statement with dark colors.

We've said it before—you can work with dark colors in a small space. Your chosen paint can add depth and help you achieve the ambiance you have in mind. For the living and dining areas, interior designer Wilmer Lopez opted to have dark interiors. The neutral-colored sofa and the soft furnishings in different colors pop out as well.

RL Tip: Refrain from blocking the sources of light to keep the look from being suffocating.

6. Create an accent wall.

To liven up a room, you can be creative with an accent wall. In this living area designed by Chino Carlos and Miah Gomez of Carlos + Gomez Interior Design, the blue wall immediately catches the eye and diverts the attention from the limited floor area.

RL Tip: Recreate the same look in your space by working with Boysen's Renewed White and Cyber Police (blue). When paired, these two can make a tight space look bigger and even give it a refreshing feel.

These units were designed as part of this year's Real Living Space held at The Sapphire Bloc by Robinsons Land in Ortigas. For more details about Real Living's signature event, visit Special thanks to Boysen for all the paints used in this year's RL Space. Visit to learn more.

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