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5 Movies that Will Inspire You to Redecorate

Get design ideas even while relaxing and enjoying some downtime


Who doesn’t enjoy watching a movie or two? Aside from helping us forget about our worries, watching movies can also inspire us to travel, be better versions of ourselves, and even to work on our spaces! After all, how many times have you seen a pretty bedroom that you would love to recreate at home? Or a bright and functional kitchen that you wished you also had?

If you’re planning on having a movie marathon soon, make sure you include these five flicks on your must-watch list. These films can give you tons of design pegs and ideas that we also listed down below:

Main photos from: Movie Poster and IMDB.

Eat Pray Love

The scenes shot in Bali are more than enough reasons why you should spare a couple of hours to watch Eat Pray Love. The homes and locations are breathtaking and would make you want to pack your bags and schedule a trip, too!

Design takeaway: Consider having a theme.

This year, aside from taking on a few simple home improvement projects, you can also redecorate your space with a theme in mind. How about a relaxing tropical feel? Consider adding nature-inspired elements, plants, and  furnishings in earth colors like brown and green.

If you loved Julia Roberts' Bali home in the movie, you can also explore having an eclectic-inspired home. Add some Asian-inspired decor and choose pieces with batik prints.

Photo from MSN Travel.

500 Days of Summer

Who would forget the story of boy meets girl? Tom and Summer's story may not have the fairy tale ending that some of us wanted but it gave us lessons on love and relationships, plus ideas on how to decorate a bedroom too!

Design takeaway: Experiment with prints and wall treatments.

Personalize your space with pieces that showcase your personality and the things you love. In the movie, we simply loved the charming wallpaper in Summer's bedroom. It brightens up the space—giving it an airy and spacious feel. If you would also like to work with wallpaper, choose one that works well with your furniture. Don't be afraid to try bold prints as well.

Tom's bedroom can also be included in your list of #roomgoals. It features a chalkboard wall with drawings, printouts and more. If you love taking down notes and doodling, you can explore having the same treatment in your space. In lieu of a chalkboard wall, consider having a corkboard instead where you can stick and display photos.

Photo from Blue Matter.

Breakfast at Tiffany's

Iconic, classic, and timeless—perhaps these are some of the words one can use to describe Breakfast at Tiffany's. If Holly Golightly is your style peg, we're sure that you also loved her simple yet chic apartment!

Design Takeaway: Well-selected pieces can create a cozy and functional home.

Simple furniture and very minimal accessories were used to complete the apartment in the movie and you can do the same for your space! You don't have to fill your home with too many pieces that can just turn into clutter. Choose the basics and opt for quality pieces. The furniture and accessories may be few but each one stands out!

Another thing we can learn from Holly's home? It pays to declutter! If your things are in order, you can move around without the extra effort and you can find everything at a glance.

Photo from Hooked on Houses.

The Devil Wears Prada

Did you also root for Andy when she finally decided to leave Miranda and Runway? Aside from giving us a peek into the world of publishing and fashion, The Devil Wears Prada also gave us an idea on how to style a contemporary space.

Design takeway: Invest in modern pieces and create a gallery wall.

Whether you're decorating a living area or a home office, Miranda's office can be your peg. A blank wall can be more interesting with a gallery wall. Mix and match your frames and display photos, quotes, and other prints. When it comes to choosing pieces, invest in sleek tables and a unique mirror for a modern appeal.

Photo from The Toast.


If you've always loved the city of Paris, you will surely enjoy Amelie. Those looking for design ideas will also appreciate the bold colors and vintage feel of the film.

Design takeaway: Experiment with color and vintage touches.

Many of us prefer light colors in the bedroom as these shades seem to add a calming feel to the space. However, you shouldn't limit yourself to these hues! Amelie's bedroom features a bold color that makes it unique. If you're planning to paint your room with something similar, create a balanced look by pairing it with neutral-colored sheets. You can also add a lamp to set the mood and illuminate the space.

For a vintage touch, consider adding accessories like classic prints on gold frames and quirky tabletop decor.

Photo from Flavorwire.

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