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5 Hotel-Like Bedrooms Perfect for Staycations

Feel the sheets and reward yourself with a good night's sleep

Photography: Vincent Coscolluela (Main Photo)

There's nothing like a long and uninterrupted slumber after another work week. If you're one of the many who make it a point to stay in the bedroom a bit longer during long weekends, you may want to turn your sleeping space into a calming cocoon of sorts. A few updates and a new set of pillows can do a lot to help you create a hotel-like haven that you'd love to stay in.

Here are five bedrooms that will surely inspire you to get started. Remember, there's nothing like a rewarding staycation in the comfort of your own home sweet home, plus it's also free of charge:

Many homeowners prefer gray and other neutral tones to keep the bedroom relaxing. If you're not into these colors, you can always work with hints of blue. According to the psychology of color, it can help relax your nerves and make you feel at ease.

Paint your walls a lighter shade of blue and spruce up the bed with varying shades of complementary colors. If your bedroom has a window, make use of it by having a set of thick and sheer drapes. Admire the view outside during the day and set up a reading corner where you can spend hours with a good book.

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Who wouldn't remember a five-star hotel in this luxurious sleeping space? With hints of metallics, neutrals, and taupe—it perfectly captures what a hotel-like bedroom is all about. If you love this look, you can invest in additional mood lighting for your space. Consider adding a 3D panel to liven up the walls or hang an artwork to give it an upgrade, too.

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Many hotel rooms feature works of art as accent pieces and table lamps that set the mood of the space. Take your cue from this bedroom by having a mix of neutrals and lively hues in your space. Your pillows, sheets, and throws can serve as pops of color to keep it from being too dull. Complete the hotel-like look by opting for floor-to-ceiling drapes as well.

In the same bedroom, a sitting area was added at the foot of the bed. If you don't have the luxury of space, you can set up a quaint corner instead. Complete it with a comfy chair, a side table, and a table lamp. It can serve as a reading nook or as a special spot where you can enjoy a cup of coffee or tea.

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To make the bedroom perfect for dozing off, it needs to be free from clutter. Organize your shelves and cabinets—make sure you edit what you have and limit what's on display. If you're staying in for a movie marathon, keep the remote controls close to you and see if nothing's obstructing your view.

Planning to buy new items for your sleeping space? Take inspiration from this bedroom by opting for thick drapes in soft colors. These furnishings block the rays of the sun and keep the area cozy. You may also want to invest in proper lighting by way of lamps and track lights.

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Do you want to feel like you're in a posh bed-and-breakfast haven? Pair white with a deep shade of blue and achieve a country-inspired bedroom that won't make you feel sad! You can work with powder blue for your walls, a deeper shade for your pillows, and choose furniture in white.

For a complete royal feel, set up a mini dining/reading nook in one corner of the room. Make sure it's by the window so you can maximize natural light.

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PHOTOS (in order): Jojo Gloria | Vincent Coscolluela (with bathroom and black-and-white photographs) | Dairy Darilag | Michael Angelo Chua.

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