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5 Great Local Packaging We’d Hate to Tear or Throw Away

…and how we’d repurpose them as décor because it makes more sense that way


We know we shouldn’t be judging a book by its cover; a product by its packaging, but in this age of design-conscious consumers, it can’t be helped. An attractive wrapper, box, or receptacle—hopefully partnered with a product that is as notably good as the packaging it comes in—could go a long way online (Instagram “flat lay”) and offline (shelves and tabletops).

There may be a host of great packaging out there in the market, but here, we focus on loving our own.  

Theo and Philo’s Chocolate-covered Mango

Illustrated by Plus63 Design Co.’s Raxenne Maniquiz, this gorgeous wrapper is packed with vivid colors. It would make anyone instantly think of world-famous plump Philippine mangoes, cocoa beans, and the lush tropical farm where they came from. These goodies are perfect gifts for foreigner friends—whether they’re here on vacation or you’re visiting them abroad.

Décor tip:

Save it in a simple frame and add to your curated mix of framed photos, postcards, and whatnots. Pinning it onto a mood board or hanging it with small wooden clothespins would also work. 

Alchemy’s Macaron Box

Artist Arlene Sy has been known for her watercolor illustrations, and this commissioned packaging for Alchemy bears the same whimsical, dreamy quality of her other lovely works. First introduced as special offering for Christmas, the watercolor packaging may be requested if you purchase the macaron by at least a dozen.

Décor tip:

Thoroughly wipe the box clean and reuse as pencil box on your desk. You could also cut the top part and wrap it around a bare tin can (secure in place with double-sided tape) for holding small odds and ends. 

Destileria Limtuaco’s Manille Liqueur de Calamansi

Made with calamansi rind from Mindoro, this proudly Pinoy liqueur has a packaging that is at once fresh and elegant and vintage-y—pretty enough to be mistaken for a perfume bottle. Destileria Limtuaco also offers dalandan liqueur.

Décor tip:

Reuse it as receptacle for cut flowers, or convert it into soap pump dispenser for the kitchen or bathroom. 

EDSA Design Beverage’s COO Bottled Sodas and Better Common drinks

EDSA Design Beverage’s own concoctions and brews are a thing of beauty with its bright typography and design popping against the black label and dark bottle. Pick the bottle (or two) of your choice, enjoy the drink, then count on the bottle to add interest to your shelf.

Décor tip:

A grouping of three bottles would look good on a white shelf with sparse display. The bottles could also be converted into candleholders with the use of a glass cutter in taking the top part off. For a more elaborate weekend project, turn it into a base for a lampshade—there are plenty of tutorials online that can help you do this.

Prints Made Pretty Shut Up and Kiss Me

Happy Skin’s collaboration with Plains and Prints resulted in a limited-edition makeup range that comes with pretty, colorful boxed packaging with fashion illustrations. You can use these to perk up your dresser or powder room counter.

Décor tip:

Use it to add cheer to your shelf or bedside table (with your secret stash of little chocolates and candies). For the dresser or desk, you could fill it with cotton buds, bobby pins, paper clips, and other small helpers that you often misplace and tend to clutter your space.

All photos are courtesy of the brands.

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