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5 First-time Homeowner Reminders from an Interior Designer

Interior designer Aislinn Kee shares the 5 things that every first-time homeowner should do

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Moving into your first home on your own or with a loved one is an exciting thing! You get to choose your furniture, make new memories, and do pretty much whatever you want within the four walls of the space. You can even stay up as late as you want, eat junk food for breakfast, and simply enjoy being the king or queen of your own castle.

As you enjoy your newfound freedom, you must also handle more responsibilities like paying the bills and taking care of your property. If you want to create a safe and comfortable home, here are practical ideas that you should remember:

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Change door locks

There’s no telling if the previous owner of your home has duplicates of your house keys and to whom he has given these duplicate keys. For your safety and protection, you should change door locks, especially those on the exterior doors.

While you're at it, you should check to see if the other locks are working fine. After all, being secure in one’s own home is a privilege every (first-time) homeowner should be able to enjoy.

Address much-needed repairs

To create the best home possible, check your house thoroughly before you move in. Take note of what needs to be fixed, such as toilet leaks, plumbing problems, busted lights, or holes on the roof. This is especially important if you are moving into an older home.

Find out how to turn off your water and electricity

Plumbing problems and power outages are some troubles you may face as a new homeowner. To help prepare you for these emergency situations, you should find out where the water valves and panel boards are and learn how to turn off the water supply and main electric switch.

Be cautious when it comes to drilling

Drilling holes on walls is a common must-do for new homeowners, as this is the first step to hanging picture frames and installing shelving and other built-in units. However, you  must exercise caution when drilling holes because wires, cables, and pipes may be hidden behind walls.

For better support, you may also want to fix wall-mounted items on wall studs. Use a stud finder to locate wall studs — just remember to avoid spots near switches and convenience outlets. You may also choose to hire a capable carpenter or handyman.

Reconsider your furniture layout

We know that it can be difficult to imagine a space in a different way. However, you have to consider moving furniture around and changing the style of your home.

You can remove the TV in the living room, turn a bedroom into a home office, or completely rearrange furniture to maximize the use of your space.

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