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5 Budget-Friendly Ways to Give Your Outdoor Area a Makeover

Easy DIY décor and space-saving pieces can go a long way

Photography: Ocs Alvarez/ACME Visual Production and Dairy Darilag (Main Photos)

Like working on any area at home, sprucing up an outdoor nook—may it be a tiny balcony or a spacious lanai—can be easy and wallet-friendly. If you’re in the process of improving the home, you can start with the outdoors first.

Begin by listing down the plans you have in mind—are you sticking to a certain theme or are you willing to go DIY all the way? It’s also important that you allot a certain budget for your mini project. Keep in mind that working with what you have can save you a lot of money and will allow you to exercise your resourcefulness and creativity, too. Kickstart your makeover plans with these ideas:

1. Go chic and classic.

If you have a big lanai that's similar to Richard Gomez's inviting nook, you can highlight the outdoor furniture by going the minimalist route in terms of decor. Place a tall vase of flowers—it can be fresh blooms or pretty faux ones—in the middle then add glass jars on both sides to balance out the look. You can place candles inside these jars or fill it with fruits for a sweet and colorful touch.

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2. Repurpose an old bar cart.

Do you have an old bar cart that's gathering dust somewhere in your home? Put it to good use by giving it a good scrub and a fresh coat of paint. Place it in your lanai and use it as an organizer/table. Use the topmost surface for snacks and drinks, then leave the bottom part free for books and magazines.

RL Tip: Another fun and easy way to brighten up a lanai is by investing in comfy floor pillows and cuddle buddies in funky pillow covers. Find options at SM Home.

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3. Invest in folding furniture.

Those who live in small apartments and compact condo units need not worry about the limited space they have. If you already have a mini garden set up, complement it with wooden folding furniture pieces to create a snug sitting area or breakfast nook. Lotlot de Leon's welcoming balcony can be your peg—both chair and table can be easily kept if needed.

Arrange a vignette of potted plants on the table for a refreshing focal point. For a fun and quirky twist, you can also repot your greens into ceramic planters that resemble teapots and gravy boats. You can also work with colorful teacups.

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4. Bring out your vintage finds.

Do you love visiting secondhand shops and garage sales? If you've accumulated a fair amount of vintage accessories and wall art—use these to update the look of your garden. Get a few hints from the photo above—old, ornate mirrors decorate a blank wall, while an old typewriter serves as an accent piece.

To achieve something similar, use a distressed box to hold your potted plants. Transfer your succulents into colorful planters and old dinnerware, too. The result will surely be a hit among guests and friends.

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5. Start a vertical garden.

By now, you may have mastered container gardening already. Take your skills to the next level by having a vertical garden that's similar to Janine Gutierrez's! Place a shelf in your balcony or work with a slim shoe rack. Gather your plants and line them up on the shelves. For a uniformed look, you can also repot them into similar terracotta pots or tin can planters. Don't forget to label each pot so you know which is which.

You can also use this as an opportunity to start an herb garden. Learn more about vertical gardening here.

Click here to see more photos of Janine's condo unit.

PHOTOS: Rene Mejia (Richard Gomez and Janine Gutierrez) | Ocs Alvarez/ACME Visual Productions (Lanai) | Mitch Mauricio (Lotlot de Leon) | Dairy Darilag (Garden with typewriter)

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