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4 Things You Need To Throw Out Right Now

Get rid of the culprit before it turns to chaos!


Let's face it, cleaning out clutter is one of the most tedious home chores that we have to do, and it gets even tougher if we have unconsciously allowed the mess to build up for a while. 

Taking on the task head first can be a little overwhelming. Instead of trying to sort everything out into sell, donate, and trash piles all in one day, it's better to take small steps and take care of the items that need to go right away. We've listed down the four things that you should start with: 

Main photo from: Weekend Maids.

Condiment packets 

Whether it's soy sauce packets from Chinese takeout or old McDonald's ketchup packets, it's time that you part with these. If you really think about it, these wouldn't pile up in the fridge if you actually used them. Try sticking to buying full-sized bottles and storing them properly in the pantry. 

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Food containers that don't shut completely 

From plastic bins to mason jars, if the homeware is not doing it's job or becomes a hassle for you to use, chances are, you are not going to touch these again. If you are not planning donating them but don't want it to go to waste, try upcycling them into home decor to give your space a unique touch.

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Photo from For Better Living.

Old calendars 

When the year is about to come to a close, we always plan on transferring important dates to an updated calendar but more often than not, we never get around to it. Hang on to these for a while, but  give yourself a deadline—if you haven't completed working on it by a certain date, it's time to chuck it in the trash. 

Photo from Creative Design Magazine.

Old shoes 

For sorting shoes, a good rule of thumb to follow is: it should fit well, feel good, and looks great—if a pair doesn't meet one of these three standards, it's time consign them to someone who will put them to good use. 

RL Tip: You can also follow the same rule for sorting out clothes you want to give away! 

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